Saturday, October 29, 2011

Preschool Halloween Celebration!

Maris' class happens to be within a vocational school (she is taught by certified teachers as well as a bunch of high school students/future child education majors) and she ADORES IT. She is in the same class as twin girls that she's known forever now so she adjusted to changing schools very easily. The student teachers made all the kids these adorable black cat trick or treat bags and took all of the kids trick or treating around the different vocational classrooms. You should have seen how full her treat bag was when I picked her up! We laid it all out on the kitchen table to open all the little gift bags and all. The fact that my candy corn princess got a few candy corn pencils just made her so happy haha
Well, here are a few pics from the Halloween celebration at her school. The theme for their party was "Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" so all the teachers dressed up like witches. The one picture through the spy window looks like some coven of witches or something hehe

so today is supposed to be Josh's birthday party. I have been looking forward to it for a while now and there is supposed to be this giant snow storm today that might ruin it... I have been debating making the cake... but I suppose I should anyway. It is a great cake idea and if it turns out the way I see it in my head I will be happy. I bought the chocolate molds months ago and have been wanting to make this cake since! I can always give it to him on Halloween if the party doesn't happen. This snow better not ruin trick or treating for us!!! This is the first year that both kids are excited and understand what to do. Jackson was always too young/impatient to care... but he understands you get candy and get to hold a bag so he's into it now :) Plus he LOVES being a pirate... those of you who were at the Halloween party know that! haha he makes a dapper little pirate!

just a silly side thought... I was tempted to put crazy make up on Jacks and say he's Adam Ant. hahaha but I'm not sure how many people know who he is or could identify... ah well. it would amuse ME :)

THIS is Adam Ant btw
he could totally pull it off scarily enough

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween is coming!

So just a little background story... my sister and I used to be avid yard sale-ers (when I was little I thought it was yard sailing since you go from yard to yard.... lol) but anywayss.... I came across this bat hoodie for a 48 month old child. I knew no one that had small children really besides my brother (who had twin girls) and I personally had no immediate plans for children yet I bought the hoodie anyway. It was just too cute. I boxed it up *hoarder... I know I know...* and came across it again when I had Maris. I couldn't wait for my kids to wear it. The point of the story is basically that I love looking at pictures of this somewhat of a tradition with the hoodie for years now.... Maris has worn it at age 2,3, and now 4. Jackson is wearing it this year... It is nice to know that the first thing I ever purchased for my children has gotten so much use. and it was totally on a whim and preemptive :)


We decorated a bit before with our painted pumpkins and the mum I bought>>> we also picked up some window stickies for the front door. Hopefully tomorrow, before my future brother in law Josh's birthday party, we can carve the big pumpkin. We were supposed to do it Weds night since I had off, but Jim had to work late so my night off wasn't really off at all. Still on momma duty :) not that I'm ever truly "off" from that... but a break would be NICE. I made some chocolate tombstones and skeletons to top the cake I have planned out for Josh. I'm excited :) pics to come afterwards.
Back when we were planning my cousin Megan's wedding shower, I volunteered a few of my mason jars from my collection to use for centerpieces and the MOH wrapped them in burlap. It was a nice touch... we ended up using potted plants and not needing them... I kept the burlap on them bc I liked it... This morning I added some bright flowers to them and I am happy with them :) They match my kitchen stuff AND have fall colors. Im a fan.
Today Maris has her Halloween party at her preschool and they will be trick or treating from class to class in the vocational school classrooms. She is super pumped and I love dressing her up :) My friend Miss Kimmie bought the kids Halloween shirts and she is so over the moon that hers has Hello Kitty on it! She wants to wear it under her costume hahaWe are rocking the Pandora site's Halloween Party station IM SO READY FOR HALLOWEEN and the kids are listening from their fort we built. They've been in it all morning. It really helped occupy them and I took the time to finish my jars and clean the kitchen. and also blog a bit :) :) They took their snacks and blankets and a few toys in there and now have made a hole "window" to see out. I have had to rebuild due to full on brawls under there but still keeping them occupied!!!


*Time Warp! from Rocky Horror Picture Show
*Devil Went Down to Georgia -Charlie Daniels Band (not really Halloween but I associate it for personal memory reasons) PLUS I think it did come on Pandora Halloween Party's station
*Thriller - Michael Jackson
*This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas
*Monster Mash (of course)
*how about Don't Fear the Reaper? :) nice...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

*Happiness* What Makes You Happy? PART II

Happiness is a warm Marisa... with a dryer fresh robe on :) :) (honorary #8.5 on the list haha)

I am in slight need of a pick-me-up lately so I decided to continue the list of things that make me truly HAPPY. I do invite you to share your list too!

9. Deep Connections

I love when I am so close to someone that I can communicate without having to say anything. I have had few friends/relationships/family members who can read me like a book and tell how I am feeling without speaking to me. I have been told that I wear my feelings on my sleeve and I am an easily read person... but sometimes it can go deeper than that. I've picked up vibes and feelings from certain people in my life before seeing them that something is wrong or whatever. I am having a hard time articulating my thoughts with the kids in their morning play routine right here... haha I've had to get up for juice and snacks twice and also to break up 3 fights in this paragraph alone... oi

10. Tilt A Whirls!

ok. Tilt a whirls are one of the best things ever invented!!! Anyone who has ever been on one with me knows what its like... I usually giggle NON STOP. I made Maris go on one at Land of Make Believe a few times with me since I was so excited. I always said if I ever was rich I'd have a tilt a whirl in my back yard under a pavilion so even in the rain I could ride it if I was feeling down. If Michael Jackson can have a ferris wheel, I can have a tilt a whirl right?! My sister knows this all too well. and it is infectious - I even made Jim crack up on them.
11. Craft Fairs

I love going to craft fairs with my mom and sister. It inspires me to make something when I see so many things that people created... I always go "I can do that!" aaaaand never follow through... but sometimes ideas strike and I Do make something. Walking through and appreciating peoples creativity is enjoyable. Same reason I enjoy galleries and museums but craft fairs just have a homey feel and I love going to the ones at my old school for nostalgic reasons :) *previous post will tell you how I feel about nostalgia lol* It has always been something I'd like to try... selling things I've made at a craft fair, but I never had the guts to try.... or the money and time to make enough of one thing to sell. Maybe one day I will get around to it... but for now, attending them is good :)

12. Word/Logic Puzzles

I adore those variety puzzle magazines and do them often. Doing a crossword puzzle a day is said to add years to your life by keeping your brain active. Not sure where I read that but it did stick with me since I DO do that! :) Couldn't hurt right? Back when I nursed the babies, I had a crossword puzzle book tucked in the rocker and would do them while they ate to keep myself awake at night!

13. Finding Great Writing Implements

I am a pen lover/hoarder... finding a pen that writes great can make my day! I have an extensive collection of pens in my house... ball point and gel and any other kind. I have gel pens in every color imaginable. I use to (when I had the time!) write detailed letters with all colors to send to people.

wow this list is reminding me of things I don't have much time for anymore... I guess I will do a crossword puzzle with one of my gel pens later today when M is in school :) I need to make time to go see friends and family...

I could write a book on things that COULD make me happy... like maybe a day without my kids fighting?!?! i swear I put Jackson in time out 17 times a day for hitting Maris with a toy or pulling her hair... body slamming her... she instigates but he is a brute!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Festivities - Pumpkin Picking!

What a weekend... we went to a crazy big party SAturday (mentioned in previous post) and then Sunday we went out to go in search of our Great Pumpkin. Hubs got up early and made pancakes and we were off on our adventure. We had a great day at Heaven Hill Farm (We've gone the past 3 years - love it!) going pumpkin picking and seeing the animals and sights. The kids love the hay ride - even though this is the first year they were a little skeptical and wary of the "haunted" aspect... Jackson looked leery and Maris pointed out the mechanics of the ghosts and skeletons and things and how they only moved when we were near them.... haha *smart girl!* We got our misshapen pumpkin (slim pickins since we went so late in the month...) but it has character! The kids loved the flailing tube man guy (they called him Shaky Guy) and MAris was impersonating him :) Jackson would yell SHAKY GUY!!! whenever he saw it. Of all the sights, that is what they were most excited about. Except for the tractor of course. Jackson was sooo excited to go on the hay ride and watch the tractor drive us. We did the corn maze and had the kids lead us eventually out :) oh, and I found some sort of Beatle grass? no idea.... I happen to come across Beatle stuff everywhere... its a gift I suppose hehe - just like the kids have a knack for finding things like wooly caterpillars :)

Now we wait for my next night off to carve the pumpkin! Hopefully before Halloween lol

as this month comes to a close and I prepare next months calendar, I am noticing how busy my fall is. November is quickly filling up with activities, parties, events, work, BIRTHDAYS, holidays, and other stuff. DEEP BREATH.... have to start prepping now... I take on too much! I swear thats my catch phrase when I realize how much I have to accomplish sometimes... if people only knew the HALF of it... :) Today I am hoping to find time to start the chocolate molds for this coming weekend's party for my future bro in law. I have a great idea for his cake so I made that my contribution to the party. I hope it comes out like it looks in my head.
Then its Halloween then my birthday! I am trying to plan a short trip into NYC to see one of my best friends Geoff in early November... we will see how it all goes!

alright, enough rambling... gotta start dinner, steal a shower, and start these chocolates. Maybe if the kids help me without eating it all... sigh off I go!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Annual Family Halloween Party

A family friend of ours throws a Halloween party every year that is just HUGE. This year she had a DJ, fortune teller, craft table, and toons and tons of food. I ended up taking 847 pictures... I only put a select few on here so you get the idea :) The kids were all sooo cute dancing to the music! Jackson was partying strong the ENTIRE party... completely sugar high and loving it. He dressed up as a pirate and Maris was a candy corn princess. I must say.... a DJ really does give a party a certain something. Kids and parents alike were dancing and living it. I know that personally... I spent most of the time on the "dancefloor"/driveway :) As did my kids! I attempted to show them the Thriller dance (what I knew of it) and gave up bc the kids just wanted to do their own thing haha My friend Dawn came and did a bit of it though! sorry if my post is a bit incoherent... I just woke up 10 mins ago and just want to get this up and going! Kids are eating breakfast and I have to do baths before school in 2 hours.

adorable fondant toppers :)

Jackson was a glow necklace hoarder :)

hokie pokie!

my yummy hot chocolate with Baileys mmmmm

teaching Maris to VOGUE


warming by the fire - burning hay bales!