Monday, July 30, 2012

Arts Walk

 Saturday, we did the PJ Arts Walk and got some treats from the Riverside Creamery truck. Yum :) We saw some great artwork and paintings. I didn't take a lot of pictures out of respect to the artists... I felt weird taking photos of their work, so I didn't diredtly. Only one photo of Maris admiring recycled material pendants bc she wanted one soo badly. They were cool.

 ice cream cones and a birch beer float on a hot day

throwing the coins in the fountain in town. I remember this fountain from my childhood :) I love this town - so many memories.

Getting ready for August! This summer is flying by! Before I know it I will be putting my sweet Maris on the school bus! *sniff sniff* This week we have ballet, bowling, some party prep and planning (she's almost FIVE!) and her BFFS' birthday party this weekend. I'm also thinking of a trip to the horse and track museum and some other indoor stuff being that the weather is iffy for much outdoor activity this week.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week Roundup - Beach and other Fun

Hello Kitty Madness in this house! I CANNOT believe it is almost August! We have been keeping super busy this summer, which probably is helping it whiz by like it is. Our bucket list has a few things to cross off still but what a summer so far :) We had an impromtu play date, the summer library session end party, and went to the beach this week... along with the other normal things like groceries and playing outside...

I was worried Goob wouldn't take to the beach - even though he was super excited before we left - I was worried bc of the pool incident. Apparently he isn't afraid of water anymore - or its just the pool. I guess we will figure it out when we attempt Mom's pool again.He stuck by the little start of the water at first but after a while, he was running and "swimming" and splashing like all the other kids.

 We ended up with a HUGE group at the beach - some people planned and toehrs we ran into there. Well over 15 kids playing together. It was fantastic. Cant wait for our next beach day! Although I was BURNT... note to self: find uber sun screen!

                       and on a side note: I am still flying high and smiling like the picture below from the   Summerland concert :) I love the 90's!!!

Monday, July 23, 2012


 After months of anticipation, Summerland was finally here! and in only my kind of luck fashion... it was a chilly on and off rainy day after weeks of 100 degree sunny weather no less! but it was fantastic! I got there about 2 hours early and tailgated with my pouches and snacks while waiting to meet up with my sister and cousin and crew.

I looked this happy the whole time! haha

                                                     Here's all of us... ready to rock!
 Josh was not happy to be sitting next to Marcy Playground's biggest fan.. haha he was obnoxiously dancing so much that he was nudging Josh... we eventually scooted up to get away from him and his creepy Mom. and below is me with my sweet upgrade. Due to the rain, I guess people didnt turn out or someting bc we had lawn seats and when we got there, we were given the option to upgrade to the pavilion for 5 bucks (the same as a lawn chair rental, so it was a win win!) we were closer and in a comfy seat out of the rain for only 5 bucks we were going to spend anyway. The evening just kept getting better!
 Marcy Playground... they opened the show and I must admit, their hit "Sex and Candy" isn't very high on my list of liked songs... but the other songs they played were a pleasant surprise. They didn't really seem to get much of a reaction from the crowd, only polite clapping... but I liked a few of the songs way better than their hit, leaving me to wonder why they only had that one song... the others were better! Very grunge-y and 90's. He even had the flannel shirt on to complete the genre :)
 then the hosts of the evening, Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray and Art Alexakis of Everclear *swoon!* came out and talked a bit about why they wanted to do this tour and how they plan on doing it every year. Yay! I have had a crush on Art of Everclear since... middle school?  I had cutouts of him - along with others from that time *Rivers Cuomo! (Weezer)* in my notebooks and bedroom. I love the geek/nerd rockers :)
 Lit was the next band on... I remember the hit songs they had and although they were catchy and I don't mind them, I never owned and album or really cared until they started playing. They can still rock! I forgot all about their song "Miserable"... I like it! They had a ton of energy and we were impressed. They really lifted the mood and got the crowd going.

 While my sister and I were getting our concert tees, we learned that Everclear were going to be in the tent behind the merch stand signing autographs and then after them, Lit would be. All I cared about was meeting Everclear! As we got closer in the line, I just got all spazzy. I have met a few celebrities before and the only other time I got so ridiculous was when I met David Hyde Pierce. I forgot how to speak then. I actually played it cool once I got up to him. He shook my hand and askedme my name, all the band members told me their names and I said something like I cant wait to hear you guys play later... I resisted the urge to tell him I liked him since I was a young teenager... haha *awkward*

 While we were meeting Everclear, the Gin Blossoms came on and we missed about a song and a half... but I heard them playing. It was a tough choice but I just had to meet them over seeing the opening song. The Gin Blossoms were the second band I was pumped to see. They played 6 of their biggest hits and also a cover of a song I haven't heard in forever - Million Miles Away originally by the Plimsouls> (WHICH btw is an 80's song on a 90's tour... whoops! haha but it sounded great and I sang and danced to it anyways) i sang along and danced and didn't have a camera for most of the performance... my sister took it to meet Lit. Sorry Lit, but the Gin Blossoms won for me! My sister got my ticket stub signed by Lit for me so I wouldn't miss the Gin Blossoms. There was no way I was leaving my seat! I got to hear Hey Jealousy live :) yaaay. They were pretty amazing.

Then Sugar Ray came on and people went nuts. Mark McGrath had this bright ass white suit thing on and danced like crazy. He really has the charismatic front man thing down to a science. They played a bunch of songs, including Answer the Phone (one of my faves) and covered a Ramones song briefly. When they finally played Fly, the crowd just lost it. In my opinion, their other songs are better, but I guess it does have that infectious nostalgic feel and it was fun to sing along. I saw them back in '99 with the Goo Goo Dolls and Fastball and they were good then and pretty good still. He looks just about exactly the same, its creepy haha

 I love Bethel! and Summerland! Can't wait for the next one! All I could think about was Everclear was coming up haha

Intermission before Everclear. Everyone left to get food and use the bathroom but I was sitting vigil. NO WAY was I getting stuck in a line and missing them open up. I swear I spent the entire set jumping up and down and singing and dancing. I was the fist pumping pointing and singing maniac that I was making fun of at the Ringo concert. I am as bad as the Toto fanatic... haha but I didn't care whatsoever.

 awaiting the headliners... :) AAAHHH

 They opened with Father Of Mine, not one of my faves, but hearing it live was surreal. We decided to try and walk down closer to get some pics and they let us. My cousin Meg shot this one of Art. Yay :)

They played an unexpected song - a fave of mine - am radio... I danced like a fool. I was hoping and hoping and starting to worry they weren't going to play Santa Monica, but they closed with it. What an amazing night.

I was an ecstatic maniac without much of a voice... drunk on adrenaline. I love my 90's music :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Rock Filled Weekend :)

I am very very excited for my upcoming music filled weekend! Kicking it off will be Friday night. As soon as Daddy gets home, I will be kissing the kiddos goodnight and heading to Bethel Woods for a night of 90's nostalgia for Summerfest. It is Gin Blossoms, Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit, and Marcy Playground. My immense love of the 90's era is just glowing with happiness! haha :) 
I will be attending this one technically solo since my "date" had to skip out due to an unexpected opportunity to travel to Europe... can't blame them there really. My hubs said he's rather stab his ears with pencils or something to that nature so he will be home with the kiddos. My sister and her fiancee Josh (my buddy) and my cousin and her hubs are going and a whole slew of friends here and there are all going. I declared that I'd go alone if need be when I bought the tickets so I'm not concerned with who I sit with so much. I do plan to meet up and tailgate with the fam - sis and cous and crew. As long as I hear Santa Monica I will be happy. Not gonna lie, I really am most pumped about Everclear and Gin Blossoms. I've already seen Sugar Ray when they opened for Goo Goo Dolls way back in 2000. :)
THEN the next night, I will be going with Jim and friends to see Wreckless Eric. Most people I say this to are genuinely confused and have never heard of him... The Monkees cover his most famous song Whole Wide World and it was also in the movie Stranger Than Fiction - Will Ferrel sings it to Maggie Gyllenhaal and from that monment, Will Ferrel won me over :) ... 'Scene' here:

Here is the original :

I have heard live recordings of him and he is a super funny guy and I can't wait!
The kids will be staying at Gramma Ankle's so they are happy! Then Sunday I go back to work... blech! But I will be sure to have some family fun time with the kiddos beforehand.

The Hello Kitty Peace Sign party planning is coming along nicely. I have a few things made, a few things started and a LOT planned. With almost exactly a month (minus a day) to get ready, I am feeling the pressure already. I have so many ideas, but we will see what my schedule and budget will allow. I cannot BELIEVE my sweet baby Maris will be FIVE! and then starting kindergarten the next month... don't get me started... too fast!

BBQ, Swimming, & Being 3 Places At Once - What A Weekend!

We had a family BBQ at my mom's last weekend. It went very well... it was nice to see family and hang out for an evening. We had one smalll incident where the kids were standing on the pool steps and Jackson lost his footing and fell into the shallow end. He went under for a sec and Jim jumped in shoes and all to get him. We were all RIGHT THERE and it still happened.... thats why I refuse to swim alone with them. Anything can happen and that scares me. N+My mom got them little swim aids (pictured below) and I was in the process of getting them ready when he fell in. From then on he was terrified to go in, which sucks. I really hope he gets over it. We got him to go in the raft but not really into the water fully without whimpering or screaming. Poor guy.

the water was a refreshing 78 :) wonderful!

I was in charge of desserts and I made a brownie pizza with cream cheese and fruit on top. Everyone was wary of eating it, but no complaints! Its delicious
I also made the pb cookies with reeses pieces and the other half were pb cookies with snickers

I love my Moms property. Such fond memories growing up here


The next day we decided to take a ride over to the state line where there is a monument that allows you to literally be 3 places at once :) NJ, NY, and Pa. The kids really got a kick out of it (heck, so did I) I used to go with my family when I was little.

he hops every time he throws rocks! hehe

Uncle Josh threw in some giant rocks, the kids loved it

Maris came prepared with juice and her camera :)