Monday, February 25, 2013

A Peek Inside!

 It has been a while since my last post, but it is because we have been insanely busy with the new place and the kids' schedules and LIFE in general. I am finally sitting down and enjoying some coffee this morning and planning my day and I figured I'd pop over here to give an inside look at what has been consuming our time lately.

the ceiling was a disaster - the guys ripped it out and put in a new. It is looking great now

the bathroom wasn't even functional

Maris' Room

the stairway ceiling was coming down

the yard is a mess... come pring, I will have a lot of work to do out there. Potential for gardens though!

playing in the sheetrock dust... I can't even tell you,,,, It took a BILLION times of sweeping, shopvac-ing then mopping and repeat... in the 20's... no lie. Drop cloths are a MUST next time

J man's room

 Those were some of the BEFORE photos... the place was a bit scary... haha I have a few after photos but we still aren't finished. We haven't fully unpacked or set up yet so excuse the mess in the pics!

work in progress - kitchen! Always wanted a yellow kitchen... :)

the new playroom ceiling - we will paint the walls in the spring once we are settled in

functioning bathroom!

excuse the lack of molding - that is this weekend's project

replaced hallway ceiling

disaster area we call home - but we are getting there! Gotta love my wall units - they were my Grandparents. She gave them to me years ago and now I FINALLY have room to use them!

Goober's Headquarters

Sweets' messy room (they were tearing it up this morning)

the catch-all room... things seem to keep piling up in the living room area... here's a peek!

 so as things progress, I will give updates. I'm LOVING it here :) We just want everything set up so we can kick back and ENJOY! Also, we need to have it done to have J's birthday party... already started planning... Superhero FUN!