Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rock Painting, Bug Hunts & Toy Washes!

The kiddos have this new hobby of finding and collecting rocks. We had these piles of rocks accumulating outside and I brainstormed what we could do with them all. I vaguely remembered being at the Y summer camp and painting rocks with bright paint... I made a butterfly rock. This seemed like a great idea and it was! It kept the kids occupied for well over an hour and I was so inspired by the bright colors, I couldn't stop taking pictures! and a bonus note : NO Jackson fits today. We were outside almost all day minus maybe 2 hours before dinner and bath time.

I LOVE her watermelon rock! it had a rind and everything. She is getting so creative! I loove it. and Goober smiled the whole time.

Then we hunted some bugs... they have these new bug magnifiers I got at Target on Easter Clearance for .30 and we were itching to use them. They catch the bug and also have a magnifier on the bottom! So cool.

dirty feet ready for the bathtub - or hose!

Since I was spending all day outside, I felt the need to be doing something myself... so while they got into the sandbox, I started dragging everyhting out of the shed in hopes of weeding out the outgrown toys and wiping down the black dirt filth from the good ones. Then it dawned on me... its hot out... they are FILTHY... why not give them a bucket of soapy water and some sponges and let them go to town? let me tell you... it was great! all of their toys are clean and it helped rinse them down a bit too :) Maris sang the entire time like a maniac :)


  1. Ingenius idea there momma to have the kids wash the toys :-) Also loved the butt cleaning chorus of Maris' song - LOL!!!!