Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Catching Up>>> Busy Summer!

This weekend we attended a good friend's backyard beach bash for her son. It was nothing short of amazing. The kids and adults all had a great time and every little detail was thought of. I took upwards of 600 pics, but I will post a few here =) We got to see Tina, Brent and the boys too. So happy! It was soo hot but the kids had tons of water options and I dunked my head in the pool a few times.

The moms group has been planning a Carnival for a Cause for Aug 1st... I am making signs like crazy! Took a quick shot of the sign pile so far. Its nice to draw again! Im a bit rusty, but not too shabby =)

Price Chopper agreed to donate a gift card to the cause to get juice and supplies. So nice of them! I have a shaved ice machine and made the signs. I've also been trying to gather random things to use as prizes. Anyone want to help/contribute/enjoy the carnival, hit me up! It should be really cute!

Oh, and you can't beat FREE! I printed off a 10 dollar of a 10 dollar purchase coupon for pier 1 and got a nice sunflower wine glass! It was marked 10 and was expecting to pay tax or something, but the guy laughed and handed me the receipt, said he never saw anyone do that before =) I had 2 of them, but I gave my other one up so my sister could get something too. or else I'd have 2 new wine glasses! Its actually my first wine glass haha... just drank it out of regular cups before. Now I'm living large I suppose 8)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Days

We are in the middle of a heat wave! I got up and ready and out the door before 9am to try and beat the heat... filled the kiddie pool for the kids and went grocery shopping. We came home and the kids went on the swingset for a few minutes while I brought the stuff in and I said lets go get our bathing suits on to cool off. We came inside and they didnt want to go back outside!!! Maris said "I can't breathe! Its too hot!"If you know my kids... you'd know how absurd this is. They would LIVE outside if they could. I am letting them watch some Calliou and enjoy the cool indoors for a bit then forcing them out again. We cant stay cooped up all day! Too many of my days have been spent at home lately... always something and I've been really tired from work. Something about running around in a hot kitchen almost every night really takes a lot of of you. I know I scoop ice cream, but its still a good 90 degrees, it melts fast back there!

I have been going steadily with Maris' Beatles Birthday Bash lately. Started the giant yellow submarine cutout and made some decorations out of old Beatles calendars I didnt have the heart to throw out (everything eventually has a purpose!) Jim would say that's the hoarder in me... but who cares =) I am dying to share ideas/creations but I dont want to ruin the surprise for the guests! I have a whole notebook of ideas and I just keep coming up with more. Some will go right over most people's heads unless they are Beatles fans, but I will know so it will be great for me =)

Here are some pics from a play date earlier in the week. We are planning a carnival for charity for early August. I am really excited about it. I plan to be the official photographer of the event, as well as bake and make the signage. The mommas discussed the carnival details while the kids played. We are having it so that the kids "pay" for their game tickets with donations of school supplies for kids who really need them in local areas. More details to come!

Jackson and his new friend playing baseball =) He is a nut for baseball thanks to his Dad!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Sunday =)

We had a great family day today. I got to sleep in after a long night at work... Jim made pancakes from scratch, and we decided to go take the kids to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie and get some lunch. The kids were in a fantastic mood today which was a welcomed change from the past few days. They have been very antagonistic and whiny. Today was great =) They both sat through the whole thing without as much as a whine. Jackson fidgeted a bit, but only to get up on my lap instead of his own seat. Good thing it was a kids movie bc they were both laughing loud and Jackson was saying "bike!" and other things when he saw them =) oh, and we decided for the afternoon to call him "Backson" when you see the movie you will understand! hehe
We made a nice simple dinner and decided to go hang out outside. We did our yard bowling game and Jim and I were trying to show the kids how to hit a baseball =) Nice quiet evening and a great family day. Its been a while.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sir Paul McCartney? Check!

so I have a "bucket list" that every so often I am fortunate enough to cross something off of and last night I got to cross a big one off! I have now seen both surviving Beatles live in concert. and WOW what show! The man is 69 and still jumps around and belts out tunes and switches instruments... did 3 encores! Man does he rock!

Here was the set list:

1) Hello, Goodbye
2) Junior's Farm
3) All My Lovin'
4) Jet
5) Drive My Car
6) Sing The Changes (The Fireman Song)
7) The Night Before
8) Let Me Roll It
9) Paperback Writer
10) The Long and Winding Road
11) Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
12) Let 'Em In
13) Maybe I'm Amazed
14) I've Just Seen A Face
15) I Will
16) Blackbird
17) Here Today
18) Dance Tonight
19) Mrs. Vanderbilt
20) Eleanor Rigby
21) Something
22) Band On The Run
23) Obla Di Obla Da
24) Back In The U.S.S.R
25) I've Got A Feeling
26) A Day In The Life/Give Peace A Chance
27) Let It Be
28) Live and Let Die
29) Hey Jude
30) Lady Madonna
31) Day Tripper
32) Get Back
33) Yesterday
34) Helter Skelter
35) Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End

He even made a quip about Derek Jeter saying "who is this Jeter guy who they say has more hits than Me?!" lol

The moon was bright and came up right over the stadium, the weather was perfect... what a night =)
We ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise before we hopped on the train and the food was sooo good! I decided to try out some fish tacos and wow, they were delicious. I also got a mini pitcher of mango sangria and yum.
My friend Melissa was kind enough to watch the kiddos until Jim could come home to get them. They went swimming and had a blast =) Everyone had a good day. He made them tacos and put them to bed. He had no interest in going to the concert so he was fine with staying home with them.
One of these days I will post my entire bucket list... I don't actually remember it all off the top of my head, but coming soon!

I made us matching custom tee shirts for the occasion =)

a yard of pina colada and mojito for Mom!

love this shot. the moon was shining


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 posts in one day? why not? My Target Score!

so I went to Target because the site had store coupons - one being a sharpie coupon for a dollar off and the 2 packs of sharpies were on sale for a dollar. FREE MARKERS! I went on the site and printed 4 coupons. I also had a coupon for Papermate items $1 off so the pack of pens was FREE too! All this stuff was a grand total of 11.68 =) the fruit snacks were 1.20 on clearance. the glue was .20! the summer clearance was awesome but going fast while I was there. I actually went back in to get more fruit snacks (couldnt carry any more with the stroller lol) and they were already gone! the water guns were under 2 bucks too. good stuff =) I love coupons and clearance!

Wordless Wednesday =)

I'm back!

busy busy busy. we've been back for over a week and I've been neglecting the blog for cleaning and such =) and plus its summer and I've been working 6 nights a week and been spending our days out and about. I have so much to post and catch up on... some might have to pass.

Well, our Cleveland adventure was nothing short of amazing. We got to relax, enjoy family/friends, and saw the Indians beat the Yankees! Maris got her very first bee sting - a hornet! She took it very well - except for the occasional milking... "but it was my FIRST BEESTING" in response to do anything she didn't want to. She held ice on it for about a minute and was back to playing. Toughie. Jackson rode his first roller coaster at Kiddie Park and LOVED it... Maris enjoyed the fireworks this year. Lst year did not go over as well. "I DONT like the boom sound!" The Cleveland zoo was a hit as always. Jackson now is a bit obsessed with monkeys. He saw them in the trees there and now he looks up in the trees and says monkeys??? and we try to explain that they dnt live around here but he just says no up in tree! crazy kids =)

Jeter and Sizemore =)