Friday, November 9, 2012

Even More Catch Up and my Birthday!

how did we do on our fall bucket list? There's still time to make a pie! Maybe even a bonfire...

 I have kept my political opinions generally to myself for the EXACT reason that I see happening all over facebook/LIFE. Friends and family tearing into each other... I in no way think that Obama is perfect, but PLEASE PEOPLE... have some respect for the *re elected* leader of our nation and for other people's opinions. This is Democracy and it IS progress. I voted for him and as easy as it is to stand by someone when they have already won... I feel safe enough to talk about it. Facebook became a hostile environment and spawned so much hatred and foul conversations and name calling between people that otherwise like each other. I refused to get on board.

In other news, I turned 29 yesterday. I had a great laid back day that involved watching the 4 or so inches of the first snowfall of the year melt away in the sun. Maris had school and Jim had work. Jackson and I headed to the consignment shop and used up my store credit to get some Lands End snow boots and coats for the kiddos and a few pairs of pjs and pants. (and some books for Santa to bring. Hey, what do they care where I get them or if they were pre-read?) then headed to Kmart with my sister and got myself a pair of jeans that FIT me! We really didn't have the money for it, but with us not going out for my birthday, we had that money free. In retrospect, I should have gotten FOOD... but today is payday. ONE DAY we won't live paycheck to paycheck.
 Anyways, my awwesome Mom threw me a family dinner party and I drank moscato champagne and bailey's, ate tons of delicious food and my stepdad always gets me cannolis :) I love my family. This beat going out to any restaurant any day!

 my drunken trifle. brownie soaked in baileys, white cake soaked in kahlua, 2 types of pudding, crushed halloween oreos layer, heath bar layer... yum.

 Beatles gift and Beatles card. It's like they know me... :p

and this is how I helped to clean up haha


  1. Love your hair pulled over tot he side in the braid! Hope your birthday was awesome!

  2. thanks :) It is Maris' hair style of choice, so I tried it on myself! haha it keeps my long bangs out of my face. The birthday was fun, just what I needed, a relaxed night with family :)... the alcohol was nice as well ;)