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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Take THAT Resolutions!

Still at the beginning of month one of the year and we have crossed one goal off the list already. We are moving into a house! The previous tenants left it a mess... there's crap everywhere on the ground, in the house... the owner has taken 3 dumpsters of crap out and its basically good now, but wow, once that snow clears, I will have some stuff to clean up. The details are a bit confusing as to whether we are renting or owning... We have a deal with the guy that we are renting to own basically. Jim will fix up the house for the guy and eventually we will have the option to buy it. He is footing the renovations bills and paying Jim an hourly rate and subtracting it from our rent. So basically, while he fixes the place, it is costing us $20 more to live here than our tiny apartment. We are discussing the options and figuring out whether we will stay in this house permanently or if we will use it as a stepping stone for another place of our own. Either way, I am super excited to have a place of our own with no farm trucks constantly by our windows/yard/.driveway... they will still pass by on the road, but not like it is where we are now! I can have parties! MNI s! (the bedrooms are upstairs!) game nights... so happy. The kids have their own rooms. We have a tough year ahead of us fixing the place up, but I have a good feeling about it all. Our "lovely dump" as Jim called it lol but it has potential and SPACE :)

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  1. Love the new header and CONGRATS on the house. You will make it a home 8) Cant wait for the 1st party!