Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr Seuss

Today we celebrated the anniversary of Theodore Geisel - Dr Suess' birthday. I made green eggs and green french toast since we had no ham/bacon. The kids DEVOURED IT! We read a few Seuss books while they ate and then did our Green Eggs and Ham floor puzzle. Maris and I played a fun rhyme game in Seuss type manner... she loves rhyming. :) My plan was to take them to see the Lorax movie, but Jim really wants to go with them so maybe this weekend if he takes some time away from his work.

I used food coloring to tint the eggs and dipped the bread in it. Since we had some white bread in the house I used that to show the color more. Making the food fun colors really made them eat that much more.

Maris has had these shoes for a while now but we had to rock them today :)

Here is the little stinker today... It sums up his attitude for the day. Last night he scratched Maris sooo bad it left marks. He hugged her head and dug his nails in. It took Jim and myself to take him off her. She headbutted him first but they fight SO BAD. Jackson needs to work on expressing his emotions better. I know he is sso small but he gets so nuts.
her battle wounds!

so today Jackson threw such a horrible tantrum in the parking lot of the preschool that I didnt even get to say good bye to Maris when she went in. I had to leave to take him back out to the car screaming. I almost cracked - I did cry a bit. I feel so out of control when he flips out. Our day was so nice except for the little blip in his attitude... we got purple cow ice cream cones (berry ice cream - better than it sounds!) at Friendly's on the way to school and everything. He snaps at the drop of a hat. Lets hope he outgrows it soon!

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