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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Summer "Bucket List"

I am running through my head all of the things I'd love to see/accomplish this summer (or just in general)... and although saving money to improve our living situation is up there on the list, I also want to have a great fun summer and build great memories for the kiddos. I am feeling ambitious this morning... and have recently decided that I need to be more ACTIVE. I know I barely sleep and I already do a lot, but I mean more physically active - I want to look good in these sundresses I plan on living in this summer :) The kids and I composed a bit of a bucket list this morning and this is what we came up with... so many more but they didn't all fit! I'd love to visit a park at least once a week. We tore down the swing set this week since it was rotted through and I was afraid they would get hurt on it. I mean... Jim took the monkey bars down and just bent the wood like it was cardboard. Scary. The kids were upset that it was gone but I will take them to the parks regularly there are many great ones in the area... (plus there is talk of a new swingset for the birthdays... we shall see!) I want to take nature walks, have many photoshoots and photo expeditions, lots of family time and fun with friends. I have to fit this all in with our work schedules.... fun fun - but like I said... AMBITIOUS! A trip to VA would be great... could see my Dad and family and maybe go to Kings Dominion. Maybe even conquer a roller coaster??? We shall see :) and now the addition of another concert for Momma! Summerland festival with Everclear, Gin Blossoms and other 90's bands. So happy :) :)

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