Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Catch-Up Post Amidst a Crazy Week

beautiful views of our town :) what gorgeous weather we've had recently!

 we pass a retired show animal farm on the way to ballet every week and last time, we saw this little donkey waay up on top of the pile of dirt and poo... something about it lifted my spirits :) something among the lines of be king of your mountain, no matter what the mountain may be made of! I amuse myself...

So another perk of our little town is that every summer, right around Maris' birthday, a FREE family fun fest takes place with a street fair and rides. We love the tradition of going. It conflicted with the baseball game tickets we got Jim for his birthday present, but we made it work with a short visit to funfest and then went off to the game. It was hat night and we all got ourselves some nice hats.
beautiful hot sunny day for a fest of fun
my brave little Maris baby went on just about everything - even the swings by herself. She's growing up so fast and never ceases to amaze me with her smarts and gusto :)

Look at her arm around her little brother :)

I just loved this perspective of the giant cup of lemonade to her little face :) She could barely hold it!

 we headed to the ball game and Jacks LOVED this little baseball car. (we all did, but he was losing it over it haha)
                                                          my sunshine and her Daddy

 what a perfect birthday present.. a day of family time. We don't get enough of it with opposite work schedules... he is a good Daddy :)

                                                                     the rare family shot!

This week has been a lot of prep and all with Jim's and Maris' birthdays and the Hello Kitty peace sign extravaganza and I have a few appointments during the week and trying to squeeze our normal routines like ballet bowling and other stuff in as well. Last night I sat and made and packaged the thank you party favors and made the kids goodie bags while watching Iron Man 2. The weather is calling for a chance of showers. I am willing them away but also trying to come up with a plan B... possibly borrowing an outside tent in the event of rain. Rain rain go away!!! Well, back to cleaning before lunch and the health insurance appointment :)

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