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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Hello Kitty Peace Sign Extravaganza

                                 icing the cupcakes and cake the night before

the food! a special thanks to my Mom and Mom in law for helping me out with all this delicious food! We had lumpia! and chicken skewers ...I got farm fresh corn picked probably that day or close to it from the farm we live on and I made corn dogs (her specific request) and I dyed noodles pink and purple and put a butter sauce on them. We had a ziti dish and my mom had the kids help her roll meatballs in the crockpot. everything was so good. My friend Mel made a delicious salsa with chips to share as well.
 tattoo mommas haha
 the pinata I made lasted a bit longer this year but I have yet to perfect it... I think if I had fastened it better along the top, it would have lasted longer this time. The problem was, the 4th or 5th kid to hit it got it right in the top by the string and it hit the ground and broke. The kids that didnt get a turn didn't seem too upset though., They all just went at the candy :)
      I found the cutest little viewfinder Hello Kitty cameras for the goodie bags... and peace sign hair ties.. most of the kids will be starting school soon, so I made sure I got pencils and a sharpener as well. I scored the bubbles super cheap and what kid doesn't like bubbles?!
 funny story about the adult thank you gifts things... I spend a few hours making these bad boys and FORGOT to give them out... laaaame... I cant really mail them bc its summer and they will melt. so I have been handing them out to my guests as I see them.

                     pin the bow on Hello Kitty game that I made
 my friend Melissa helped out and gave all the kids tattoos. what a big help! by the end of the party, Maris' arms were filled with them.. haha

 goofing with the future bro in law :) he's fun :)
 she got the Ds she so badly wanted from Grandma and Grampa
 and the LalaLoopsy set she wanted from the other Grandma and Grandpa

                                                         my babies!

we saw a hot air balloon and a crop duster right from our yard at the end of the party. The kids were dancing in the late sun and it was so cute.

the end of a perfect day :)


  1. Wow, great job!! Such cute details!! I love Hello Kitty!!!!!!!

    1. thanks! Lots of thought love and prep went into it! Sorry you guys had to miss it!