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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Track & Harness Racing Museum Trip

 We took a trip to the horse track museum today with Maris' BFFS and they really had a good time. There were moments when they griped about it being boring, but that was during the movie clips that were outdated and I admit.. pretty boring. They loved looking at the mannequins and all the horse equipment though. I've already been here and I have read most of the signage so I didnt mind that they wanted to just blow through and explore. They gravitated to the more hands on stuff and learned things on their own... it was nice.
check out the track patron fashions... :) I want that dress!

 a Salvador Dali print - pretty cool!

this was a mock horse auction - they were happy to push buttons :)

the interactive kids section was a hit
 The kids got to put on helmets and jackets and pose like a real jockey. They looked so cute!

I am a good sport, but I wasn't getting on the cart in a dress haha

You'd think that the kids would like the talking horse. nope, they were ALL freaked out by it

Maris was drawing a horse

so THIS movie in particular cracked me up. It was a short on all the horse racing movies in Hollywood. It started with flip animation and then to silent films and "talkies" and television shows like Lucy (where one of the kids exclaimed "what the heck is this") and then to more modern*ish* movies... ending the film with a movie made in NINETEEN EIGHTY THREE... they need to update their film clips! haha

we went out on the deck to see the horses trotting

The 3d race simulator was a big hit - no pics... I was too busy enjoying watching their reactions :)

we took a walk down to the track and headed over to the grandstand to eat lunch

Everyone (even the Mommas) enjoyed sitting in the Grandstands watching the horses go by while eating lunch

they wanted to climb to the "tippy top"

then we hit BK as a surprise. 50 cent ice creams?! Yes please.

It was a great day! Then we came home and Jackson got a small lego stuck up his nose! Never a dull moment. It was a good 20 mins of fighting and trying to pin him down - even enlisting his sister's help in holding his arms and I STILL couldnt get it out. I finally got him to calm down enough to stop flailing and screaming... he sat on his step stool and I got it out with some tweezers. His fear of me taking him to have a doctor do it calmed him right down! What possesses a kid to stick things in their noses?! Maris never did that (well, to my knowledge.. she never got caught with anything stuck at least haha) Never a dull moment!

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  1. oh man glad you got it out of his nose! Looks like a great day!