Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy October - Costumes of the past

 Happy October everyone! I have already begun to plan for this years Halloween. It has always been a favorite holiday of mine... it is during my favorite time of year! I am ready for apple and pumpkin picking, hay rides, baking all the time, trick or treating, parties... here is a look back on Halloweens past.

Halloween 2007 - I couldn't find a better quality one! They are all backed up somewhere. Maris was a cow :)
 I remember her first Halloween... I had only been a Mom for a few months and still ragged and getting used to everything and as crazy as it sounds (for ME)... I didn't think to get her a costume! We had a few Halloween onesies and things so I didn't think she really needed one, but ON Halloween that year, I took her into Babies R Us to pick up a couple things and saw that their costumes were already marked down to insanely low prices. Not a huge selection, but there was this cow costume sitting there in her size for less than 2 dollars. Sold. haha. I also purchased a giraffe and princess outfit equally as cheap.

Halloween 2008

2008 - unpacked that 2 dollar costume from the year before and it JUUUST fit her! She has always been tall for her age so it was a close fit lengthwise but she made a cute giraffe! We took her trick or treating to family and a few friends houses and had an early night.

Halloween 2009
 2009 - Enter Jackson! This is the first year that I made costumes by hand. I came into my "mom-ness" and started doing things like my mom always did... homemade stuff and crafts and outings... I really wanted to make them match and Maris had her heart set on being a lobster. At the time she said "Lops". I made felt pinchie claws and attached ping pong balls onto pipe cleaners on her headband for googly eyes. I sewed an entire fish outfit for Jac kson complete with hat. I LOVE that hat. It is a 3d fish head with a pink open mouth. A lot of work, but made both costumes on the extreme cheap. I made the fish on the "aquarium" while coloring with Maris one day. Cut them out and taped them to the fuzzy blanket. Rolling aquarium!

Halloween 2010

2010 - Homemade for Maris, store bought for Jackson. BUT only bc I got his on clearance really cheap and again - almost didnt fit him! She wanted to be a ladybug princess. She wore black clothes she already owned and I bought a couple bucks worth of tulle and made her a black and red tutu with polka dot ribbon details and got her lady bug wings at the dollar store!

Halloween 2011

 Maris wanted to be a candy corn princess (she comes up with these on her own... haha) and Jackson didn't care. I got this pirate costume last minute. I had MADE him a pirate costume, but I wasn't thrilled with it and this one was at the consignment shop for a couple bucks so I went for it. Again, almost too small for him, but you only wear it for a few hours one day really so it wasnt a big deal. He did make the most adorable pirate ever :) He kept walking up to everyone saying "im a PIRATE!"

Halloween 2012 will bring us a black cat (complete with tutu - she was very specific) and Jacks keeps going back and forth from Kermit and Jack Skellington. I have the Kermit made, but I am tempted by Jack! 2 of my favorite characters, a man after my own heart... he already has that though :)

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