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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I will start off with saying I am truly blessed to have a number of these types of friends. People who understand that I have children, family, a job (or few), and other things taking up a majority of my time these days. If I was ever needed by one of these friends (I consider family) I would do everything in my power to be there. We may not have the same interests/views or whatever 100% of the time but we are THERE for each other. I may not have the time or money to go out at night and when I DO get a rare night off, I want to see my family... my husband bc I really don't get to so much with our opposite schedules. We are really getting back to MAKING time for each other as it was an issue for a while but thats another topic entirely... *we're doing awesome, don't worry*
 I am trying not to be upset with some people I used to have in my life and considered friends/FAMILY that have recently stopped even trying. People I thought were true blue. I know "the road goes both ways" and I can try to call them or reach out myself... believe me, I've tried. I guess I have to suck it up and let it go. This is starting to sound very "poor me" and that was not my intention. I just like to get my thoughts out. Time to focus on the friends and family that deserve to be there.

with that thought out of the way, I will catch up with the happenings of recent times. I am taking a photography class that really has helped me sharpen my skills and has taught me what all of the settings and buttons on my fancy camera are for and how to use them. Being a self taught photographer, this hands on training was a gigantic help! Now I just need to get a new lens as my loving children have knocked my camera off so many high surfaces that it is busted. I have a few other lenses but I need a regular lens close to the kit one that has bitten the dust. Pretty sad that tonight is the last night of classes. I am hoping to find the money to take the next class up - advanced photo....

the following photos are things from class. They are practice shots, but I learned a few things! Sooo ready to go out and shoot and fine tune the new things I have learned.

once I up my equipment, maybe I can continue pursuing a career in photography *gasp* Self doubt is my largest enemy there. I have so many people behind me, pushing me to do it. I have practice on Halloween at Maris' class party! We shall see how I do with real subjects :)
other happenings...

we went to a super cute train birthday party
saw a walking stick bug!
 just an insert here: we were concerned about the pincer on his back end biting the kids... I was reading up on these creatures here and the pincers are for mating purposes. The pincers are on the male bugs and they are for grabbing onto the female bugs body while mating. Yikes.. lol

our little ballerina is doing fantastic!

keeping up with homework

J is "helping" her cut out shapes... or cutting them into confetti... but it makes him happy!

we made candy corn explosion cookies (a sugar cookie recipe I altered and made my own. Used pumpkin coffee creamer instead of milk in the recipe and added orange coloring and candy corns)

ridiculously sweet. I had one and felt the diabetes setting in haha
J is in preschool and has his ups and downs. He IS the Goob. He has always been a very sensitive and particular person that we have a lifestyle of walking on eggshells with him. Don't get me wrong, he is the sweetest most loving child ever. He does have his moments where he is just beyond reasoning and can be difficult. I feared that this would continue out of the home.... maybe it was only me that he does this with... but no. Last week at school I was pulled to the side and asked about his personality bc he is usually bright and happy and particiipates. Truly loves school. BUT the other day he was withdrawn and sullen as she put it. He wouldn't join in any activities and kept saying no. I was surprised, but then again not really. This IS jackson. I asked him on the way to the car if he liked school and he said no. I asked what happened and he stopped talking. But then Monday came around and he was bright eyed and bushy tailed pumped for school. We waited on the line of kids to go in and I asked him if he wanted to go play with his friends and he said "I have no friends. Just Maris." with a straight serious face. I wonder if he just isnt willing to get out there or CAN'T (shy like his Momma) or if it's all in his head. Jim says to let it be, I cant compare him to the outgoing older sister that meets friends everywhere she goes... and I try not to. I really embrace what makes him HIM and I try to take a cue from my Mom and let my kids be who they are... he is a (mostly) happy, wonderful kid and I'm sure he will be fine. This week has been great. Still no friends he claims, but he tells me all about how he does puzzles and paints and hears stories... he can't wait to dress up for the Halloween party.

Well I guess that's about everything. I know its a cluster-eff of thoughts and photos, but this is how my brain works! Now to continue making the costumes and getting him ready for another day of school.

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