Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Days

We are in the middle of a heat wave! I got up and ready and out the door before 9am to try and beat the heat... filled the kiddie pool for the kids and went grocery shopping. We came home and the kids went on the swingset for a few minutes while I brought the stuff in and I said lets go get our bathing suits on to cool off. We came inside and they didnt want to go back outside!!! Maris said "I can't breathe! Its too hot!"If you know my kids... you'd know how absurd this is. They would LIVE outside if they could. I am letting them watch some Calliou and enjoy the cool indoors for a bit then forcing them out again. We cant stay cooped up all day! Too many of my days have been spent at home lately... always something and I've been really tired from work. Something about running around in a hot kitchen almost every night really takes a lot of of you. I know I scoop ice cream, but its still a good 90 degrees, it melts fast back there!

I have been going steadily with Maris' Beatles Birthday Bash lately. Started the giant yellow submarine cutout and made some decorations out of old Beatles calendars I didnt have the heart to throw out (everything eventually has a purpose!) Jim would say that's the hoarder in me... but who cares =) I am dying to share ideas/creations but I dont want to ruin the surprise for the guests! I have a whole notebook of ideas and I just keep coming up with more. Some will go right over most people's heads unless they are Beatles fans, but I will know so it will be great for me =)

Here are some pics from a play date earlier in the week. We are planning a carnival for charity for early August. I am really excited about it. I plan to be the official photographer of the event, as well as bake and make the signage. The mommas discussed the carnival details while the kids played. We are having it so that the kids "pay" for their game tickets with donations of school supplies for kids who really need them in local areas. More details to come!

Jackson and his new friend playing baseball =) He is a nut for baseball thanks to his Dad!

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