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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm back!

busy busy busy. we've been back for over a week and I've been neglecting the blog for cleaning and such =) and plus its summer and I've been working 6 nights a week and been spending our days out and about. I have so much to post and catch up on... some might have to pass.

Well, our Cleveland adventure was nothing short of amazing. We got to relax, enjoy family/friends, and saw the Indians beat the Yankees! Maris got her very first bee sting - a hornet! She took it very well - except for the occasional milking... "but it was my FIRST BEESTING" in response to do anything she didn't want to. She held ice on it for about a minute and was back to playing. Toughie. Jackson rode his first roller coaster at Kiddie Park and LOVED it... Maris enjoyed the fireworks this year. Lst year did not go over as well. "I DONT like the boom sound!" The Cleveland zoo was a hit as always. Jackson now is a bit obsessed with monkeys. He saw them in the trees there and now he looks up in the trees and says monkeys??? and we try to explain that they dnt live around here but he just says no up in tree! crazy kids =)

Jeter and Sizemore =)

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