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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 posts in one day? why not? My Target Score!

so I went to Target because the site had store coupons - one being a sharpie coupon for a dollar off and the 2 packs of sharpies were on sale for a dollar. FREE MARKERS! I went on the site and printed 4 coupons. I also had a coupon for Papermate items $1 off so the pack of pens was FREE too! All this stuff was a grand total of 11.68 =) the fruit snacks were 1.20 on clearance. the glue was .20! the summer clearance was awesome but going fast while I was there. I actually went back in to get more fruit snacks (couldnt carry any more with the stroller lol) and they were already gone! the water guns were under 2 bucks too. good stuff =) I love coupons and clearance!

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