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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Build a Bear and Birthdays

Yesterday, I decided to take Maris to build a bear to use a birthday coupon she received in the mail. I was going to take her on her actual birthday but they had a promotion going on and I didn't want to chance it not being there next week. They had a sale going - any animal plus any outfit plus any shoes for 29.99. Not bad since the Hello Kitty she picked out was 24 bucks by herself! And the outfits are expensive. Turns out the coupon couldn't be used with the sale so I let Jackson join the fun and make a bear (for 2 bucks after coupon!!) since hers already would be outfitted with accessories. Jackson was *thankfully* not interested in dressing his bear - he just kept taking it to the "bath" they have set up while Maris took an hour to outfit her Hello Kitty. We were finally done and filling out the birth certificates at the computers and Maris typed her own name =) and I asked her what to name her "bear" and she gave me a weird look and said... Hello Kitty in a very "DUH" kind of way. haha I figured Id ask if she wanted to give her another name! apparently not. Jackson just kept chanting black bear so thats his bear's name. I added a Y to it so its like blackberry =) a very successful trip that we really couldn't afford, but every once in a while a splurge is nice. She has been eyeing that Hello Kitty for a long time so I wanted to get it for her =)

Still in disbelief that my sweet baby Maris will be FOUR in less than a week... we have been in full swing party prep. I am sooo excited about the Yellow Submarine blowout. Kinda bummed that so many friends can't make it, but I am not going to let that get me down. I have so many cute ideas and she is getting excited watching me make the decorations. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!!! I was trying to get my hands on a canopy tent ffor outside but they are just too expensive... it will all work out. All You Need Is Love! I want to decorate the house now! haha

Jim's birthday is this weekend. I usually have no problem finding him a gift, but I had some difficulty this time. I finally got him a board game I know he has wanted (even though we NEVER play anymore - total opposite schedules and all) so I hope he likes it. The kids made him the cutest card. I traced their hands and they colored it in. We are going to the Florida Family Fun Fest! being that it falls on his birthday. Maybe I will make a joint birthday cake for Maris and Jimmy... we'll see! They both love strawberry shortcake... thats an idea...

Well, off to clean the house. At least attempt to... my sister wants to hold another yard sale so we are de-cluttering to make room for birthday presents and to find stuff to sell. I made a deal with her.. if she finds toys she no longer plays with and sells them, she can have (some of) the money to buy a new more useful item. She really got into it and dug out some outgrown baby toys and some of Jacksons toys... haha I am hoping to have the house presentable for the party. Its hard to keep it that way with these little wrecking balls... wish me luck!

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