Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Maris Had Her Beatles Birthday Bash!

Made Twinkie Submarines =)

Photo Booth...

Giant Submarine...


It was a great time =) A lot of work... a lot of detail... all worth it. At the end of the day, she sat with me and said thank you and that it was the best day ever =) Everyone kept saying I did the party for myself... kind of annoying... but seeing her have so much fun made it better. Of course I LOVED planning a Beatles birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did just as much for the Toy Story party but no one said it was for me... grr. My love for the Beatles is passed onto her and I had so many ideas due to my vast knowledge of Beatle things. so WHATEVER...
we ended up passing on a bunch of party games since so many kids cancelled or couldn't come. the kids that DID come got a tie dye shirt and played with the outdoor toys in the yard and had a blast. They loved the photo booth props (as did some of the adults haha) they got to go home with a Beatles loot bag and a chocolate mustache pop.
well, epic party. thanks to all who shared the day with us =)

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  1. Party looked great. So sorry we missed it. Good job!