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Friday, August 5, 2011

Here's To A Better Day

I woke up this morning with a different attitude... I WILL remain positive. Things are not bad... the house is pretty clean at this point and apparently Jim had a talk with Maris bc this morning she told me that she promises to keep up with her toys so I don't hurt myself coming home at night after work. Guess it helps to be happy when the kids are in such good lovey moods. They are watching Sesame Street and participating and singing... giving me my morning computer time =)

So, last night I met up with the fellow bridesmaids of my cousin Megan's upcoming wedding. It was the first time really meeting them face to face (we added each other on facebook...) and I was relieved that we all got along and had similar views/ideas on the whole thing. We all want to give Megan what she wants and we are all willing to chip in and work for it. I am doing the cake for the shower =) Pretty excited to design it! I can't really talk about it too much bc Megan is a subscriber to my blog hehe ;) It is funny to be part of a bachelorette party I can drink at! and very very odd to be discussing what they want to do since I've never been to a strip club or any of these things. (aside from the drag club where mine was held). Should be interesting! We went to Panera and it wasn't bad. I always avoided it like Starbucks bc I shy away from trendy spots like that. Still never had Starbucks - never plan to. They had great iced tea and ice... you know... my priorities haha

Party planning for Maris has been going well. I am having such a great time with it all. How have I never thought of having a Beatles theme party for myself after almost 28 years of life?! haha really... but this is so great to work and give her above and beyond what she thinks her party is going to be. Coming up with Beatles themed party food names and making all the decorations... it has been so fun! The party date is coming up so fast... the whole summer is flying by! My baby is almost FOUR! aahhh (going on 13)

Today is payday! Friendly's, banks, milk run, and MAYBE a surprise stop at the park - pending their behavior... so far so good! They need space to run off the energy. Even outside here will be good.

I get frustrated at times, but these kids are truly amazing. A bad day every once in a while... totally worth it.

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