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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Messy House...

So I sit here in defeat... ALL DAY I have been trying to clean and organize the kids stuff... I cleaned their room so nice and in the time that I did that, I had set them up at the kitchen table with a snack, coloring books, and crayons. They were happily coloring and singing and talking... so I kept cleaning. Came out to start the living room and saw that they had the crayons EVERYWHERE... the floor, the seats, everywhere. Jackson had ripped up his papers and Maris spilled her juice and tried to clean it up.... with the hand drying towel... and then the tablecloth... moved them to the living room so I could clean up the kitchen... living room is now destroyed. they are wrecking balls today! the worst part is it is my day off and I set out to really clean and get things done. I am actually brimming with such rage... towards my kids... I feel terrible about it. I snapped and gated them in their room so they couldn't make more mess. So now they spitefully messed up their room. I'm near tears... I get virtually no help besides some laundry and dishes... Jim will vaccuum if it gets really bad and he snaps. It is frustrating cleaning someone else's house every week.. leaving it nice and perfect and coming home to a mess I can't keep clean. God knows I try. Having a bad day...


  1. Drink helps... but boy do I know exactly how you feel!!!

  2. I know how you feel. Every day I do a little dance around my house following two tiny people picking up the same mess! I don't even know why I bother washing the kitchen floor, 10 minutes after it dries something gets spilled on it.

  3. I'm so sorry you're having a rough day. Isn't it crazy how quickly kids can turn a room upside down?! Tomorrow will be a better day. Maybe Jim needs a "honey do" list :)


  4. I'm drinking my wine now...but I did come home to the Thursday Mess today and I did explode before. I get so frustrated with them!!! And with hubby for not even thinking about helping!!! I have a whole bag of clothes that I took away from Kyra tonight, do you need any??? lol
    Hope your day got better:)

  5. thanks guys. My night did get better. I got to go out and plan for a shower and bachelorette party next month. Food with some nice ladies (who I just met haha) was actually nice, even though I was nervous about it being shy... My cousin's wedding is going to be nice =)
    I came home to a slightly cleaner house and kids were bathed and sleeping. He did good