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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carnival For A Cause & High Point - Busy 2 Days!

We took a family day to hang out at High Point this weekend. and it was so great to kick back on the beach and watch the kids play. Jim and I made a sand castle with them and got in the water and everything. It was my first time swimming this whole summer and it felt great. The water was actually pretty warm. The kids loved the monument too. Maris kept calling it Rapunzel's castle =) These days, it is almost impossible to spend time as a family with our opposite schedules... and even when we do, it seems like we just function with the kids... not really with each other anymore. Maybe Im reading too much into it.... it is hard when you have virtually no time together alone. When we do, one of us is usually running off to complete a task or run an errand or watch a movie we have been meaning to... life is carrying us along so fast and the kids are growing so fast! You can see how great he is with the kids. Such a good father =)

Our group of moms put on a backyard Carnival for a Cause. The idea was a backyard carnival (private by invite only) where the kids got tickets for playing games and got prizes and the admission price was donated school supplies to help some local families in need....what a success! Maris is still talking about it!

we collected sooo much! Great job everyone!

photobooth fun


  1. Thanks for all your hard work on the signs, helping out and of course the awesome pictures!

  2. my pleasure - it was worth it all to see the kids have so much fun =)