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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Car Woes and Chuck E Cheese

I was having some car troubles so we dropped the car off at Firestone (my new fave place to take the car) after having yet another bad experience with Healey. They told me I needed a 700 part that I had just replaced half a year ago and Firestone said is FINE and told me what was really wrong with the car and FIXED it. The only problem was... I dropped the car off at 945 and walked across the parking lots to Chuck E Cheese to kill the time. Little did I know that I wouldn't be getting the car back until after 4pm. We spent basically all this time in CEC. Another rave... CEC was fantastic this time around. Never really had any problems there, but we were basically the only people there besides a few kids here and there that came in for a hlaf hour tops. Its funny sitting in this place ALL DAY and seeing how many people just drop in for 10-30 mins and then leave. The manager (or some higher up - had a nice shirt and tie on...) kept asking us if we were ok and if we needed anyhting. He even got the Chuck E out to say hi to the 3 kids in the entire building. Maris and Jackson were pretty excited about it... then unsure of him... but then excited after all. They threw tickets up in the air for the kids and we ended up with almost 1200 tickets after all our time there. They got a pretty nice playground kickball and basketball for their tickets at the end of the visit. I treated them to ice cream and we started the long walk back to the car place. Sorry if this is ramble-y or whatnot... just got out of work and tend to do my blogging in a sleep deprived state... it is my computer time with the kids sleeping... only quiet time I get so its hard to part with it and go to sleep. but all in all, the kids had a GREAT day and I got crazy momma points for it, they are still talking about it and thanking me... I had a great day bc my car is fixed and the kids were happy. All is well at the moment =)

side note : been in a crafty type mood so upcoming posts will be about what I create! Love this time of year... =)

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  1. Very cool that the kids got to meet Chuck E himself :-) At least you made the best of your wait time for the car!!!