Wednesday, September 21, 2011


my monsters
Today was a BLAH day... had a frustrating time with the kids... Jackson has woken up screaming on the top of his lungs (night terrors??) for 2 nights in a row. Jim jumps up to get him but ends up yelling in his face to stop crying *both nights* bc he's tired... I really don't think that Jackson is "there"... sleepwalking or something. His eyes werent registering anything, it was weird... seizure-like. Well, hearing Jacks crying loudly, then Maris crying that she got woken up, and Jim yelling at them to go back to bed... Ive had to get up both nights to help console everyone and then make myself fall back asleep. ugh... well HOPEFULLY tonight all in the house will remain quiet so I can sleep more than 2 hours at a time. Im dragging today. the kids seem to pick up on that bc when I am tired, they seem to try to get away with more. Today was like I had no authority. they just kept doing bad things... blatantly. I finally got them to listen by building a fort. Now Im the cool Mom again... its the little things... haha and I taught them ring around the rosy. BIG MISTAKE... haha Ive played it 4 billion times today. they finally figured it out on their own and do it with their stuffed animals... what a pointless post... lol ah well. enjoy! well ,off to make dinner and go to work. come home and repeat... good night!

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