Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Making a Birthday Card & The New 'Do

For my Mom's birthday, I decided to make a card with the kids hands (I prefer homemade cards so I usually make them...) and tried to figure a way to incorporate writing the whole Happy Birthday message. I saw a similar accordion type idea on Pinterest (that website gives me so much inspiration and its like CRACK!) so I tried it out with my own twist :) First I got 2 colors of construction paper (a color for each kid) and did Jackson's hands in green and Maris' in the pinkish red. then glued them together and cut them so the wrist part was all even and flush with each other. like so...

then cut (and glued 2 strips together, making it thicker) a banner for the inside of the card. I wrote my message simply in marker.
Then folded the inner message like an accordion and glued the ends to the hands so that when you open the card up, it looks like you are saying "I love you this much" while holding your arms out :) PLUS with the even ends I cut, the card stands up on its own to display!

We dropped in on my Mom to deliver the card and a photo collage frame of a portrait session I did of the kids, pumpkin cappuccino, Boston Baked Beans candy, and a balloon (Jackson was really fighting for a ghost balloon he saw but we got her a butterfly and flower one haha) She loved her surprise and the kids had fun bringing it all in to her.

So later in the day, after the visit to Mom, we went out to lunch with my sister, somehting quick, just some taco bell. My kids LOVE cheesy rolls... we stopped at Joanns fabrics to get some supplies to make the chef hats Maris says they both want for the play kitchen and for when they help me cook. I got enough ADORABLE fabric to make them and also matching aprons. I will post as they are done - hopefully in the near future. I have been turning the crafty part of me back on lately! LOVE IT. and then went over to the beauty supply store to pick out my red hair dye. Every few years I crack and dye my hair red again and I was past due! :D My husband HATES it and showed his distain when he walked in the door this evening.... but I LIKE IT! I feel the best with red hair and i think it suits me. Makes my eyes pop and look really blue for some reason :) WHY DOES HE HATE MY RED HAIR?!?! He goes "oh... your hair is red...I don;t know why you always go back to it... it doesn't look nice at all>>> but its your hair so oh well" Everyone at work seemed to like it... and most importantly... I LIKE IT! HAHA Maris was upset that I would not do hers as well and also that our hair isnt the same color anymore. I said when she gets older we will dye her hair... as an adult :) I posted a pic on facebook with many positive comments... cant please everyone I suppose! Judge for yourself:


I have a burgundy red bridesmaid dress to wear in 2 weeks... I will match it! lol Just came to that realization :)

well, off to catch up on my Modern Family I missed while at work then off to lay in the dark until I fall asleep. Oh! I tried a caffeine limiting experiment to see if my intake was affecting my sleep behavior and I concluded that if it is, its not by much so back to caffeine I went :) CANNOT live without my tea!!! I have always had bouts of insomnia ever since I was little so its nothing new. Just figured whatever helps would be nice. These days this Momma can get rather cranky from lack of sleep. I love having energy and focus to do things with the kids. That's what I stay home for - those moments with them. but off I ramble again. Goodnight all!


  1. I LOVE the RED!!! I hate it when the hubby doesn't like what you've done and lets you know. Mine can't stand the short cut...but loves the color. I have come to the conclusion that it's my head, my hair and I like it!!

    Love the card idea... I may have to use it for my mom...she does love those home-made cards and that one is awesome!!

  2. Great card..cant wait to see the apron and hats! I like the hair...wish mine came out more redish instead of light...maybe next time! See ya soon!

  3. thanks ladies :) I went to Sally's in mtown and got professional dye... you pay a couple more bucks but it lasts longer and usually comes out better. I bought one from the intense red collection so I knew it would be bright.
    I will post the hats and aprons when I am done, its not like the kids will stumble across the site... lol