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Friday, September 9, 2011


after hurricane Irene, we had another week of on and off (mostly on) rain... causing more flooding, power outages, ruined businesses and fallen debris in our area... Its funny that I am getting used to getting around by way of detours and also getting used to driving through mini rivers across my road... not so much into the nasty stagnant swamp smell mixed with soaking rotting onions as I drive home though. It is terrible to see so much crop destroyed. Driving home yesterday, I saw hundreds of pumpkins ruined and billions of waterlogged and contaminated veggies and onions...

Sorry about the lack of posts... I am now on my 10th working night in a row. I haven't had a night off since last Tuesday and I really feel it. I have had a ton of other stuff to do during my days as well so no rest for this momma. Def feeling it this morning. *yawwn* They hired another night person at my job so hopefully she stays and I can have a night off once in a while to actually relax....
well! as always, I have a place to be... gotta get the kiddos dressed and ready and get me some coffee. wish me luck! or energy =)

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