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Monday, July 30, 2012

Arts Walk

 Saturday, we did the PJ Arts Walk and got some treats from the Riverside Creamery truck. Yum :) We saw some great artwork and paintings. I didn't take a lot of pictures out of respect to the artists... I felt weird taking photos of their work, so I didn't diredtly. Only one photo of Maris admiring recycled material pendants bc she wanted one soo badly. They were cool.

 ice cream cones and a birch beer float on a hot day

throwing the coins in the fountain in town. I remember this fountain from my childhood :) I love this town - so many memories.

Getting ready for August! This summer is flying by! Before I know it I will be putting my sweet Maris on the school bus! *sniff sniff* This week we have ballet, bowling, some party prep and planning (she's almost FIVE!) and her BFFS' birthday party this weekend. I'm also thinking of a trip to the horse and track museum and some other indoor stuff being that the weather is iffy for much outdoor activity this week.

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