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Thursday, July 19, 2012

BBQ, Swimming, & Being 3 Places At Once - What A Weekend!

We had a family BBQ at my mom's last weekend. It went very well... it was nice to see family and hang out for an evening. We had one smalll incident where the kids were standing on the pool steps and Jackson lost his footing and fell into the shallow end. He went under for a sec and Jim jumped in shoes and all to get him. We were all RIGHT THERE and it still happened.... thats why I refuse to swim alone with them. Anything can happen and that scares me. N+My mom got them little swim aids (pictured below) and I was in the process of getting them ready when he fell in. From then on he was terrified to go in, which sucks. I really hope he gets over it. We got him to go in the raft but not really into the water fully without whimpering or screaming. Poor guy.

the water was a refreshing 78 :) wonderful!

I was in charge of desserts and I made a brownie pizza with cream cheese and fruit on top. Everyone was wary of eating it, but no complaints! Its delicious
I also made the pb cookies with reeses pieces and the other half were pb cookies with snickers

I love my Moms property. Such fond memories growing up here


The next day we decided to take a ride over to the state line where there is a monument that allows you to literally be 3 places at once :) NJ, NY, and Pa. The kids really got a kick out of it (heck, so did I) I used to go with my family when I was little.

he hops every time he throws rocks! hehe

Uncle Josh threw in some giant rocks, the kids loved it

Maris came prepared with juice and her camera :)


  1. Oh my goodness, how terrifying with Jackson falling into the pool. I'm just glad he's alright (other than being afraid of the water right now) and that Jim acted so quickly and so instinctively. He definitely gets the Best Daddy award there!!!

  2. Poor kid couldnt figure out how to get his head above the water, he just sunk. sooo scary to think how fast a little one can drown... but yeah lightening reflexes that guy! I was processing what was happening and by the time I was ready to jump in, he was already in. Def good Daddy award!