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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week Roundup - Beach and other Fun

Hello Kitty Madness in this house! I CANNOT believe it is almost August! We have been keeping super busy this summer, which probably is helping it whiz by like it is. Our bucket list has a few things to cross off still but what a summer so far :) We had an impromtu play date, the summer library session end party, and went to the beach this week... along with the other normal things like groceries and playing outside...

I was worried Goob wouldn't take to the beach - even though he was super excited before we left - I was worried bc of the pool incident. Apparently he isn't afraid of water anymore - or its just the pool. I guess we will figure it out when we attempt Mom's pool again.He stuck by the little start of the water at first but after a while, he was running and "swimming" and splashing like all the other kids.

 We ended up with a HUGE group at the beach - some people planned and toehrs we ran into there. Well over 15 kids playing together. It was fantastic. Cant wait for our next beach day! Although I was BURNT... note to self: find uber sun screen!

                       and on a side note: I am still flying high and smiling like the picture below from the   Summerland concert :) I love the 90's!!!

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