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Monday, July 16, 2012

Family Visit Week #2

 we had a day of hanging out at the house and it was Rob and Elain's last day. We took a family picture soon before they headed back to California.
 The next day, we headed to Firefly Field, a wonderful park somewhat nearby, its worth the drive!

 The next day, we came over to see Chris making THESE! Peanut butter cookies with chopped up snickers bars in them. Deadly amazing.
 All the cousins hung out and played outside

 We headed to Bear Mountain the next day and rode the carousel and walked the zoo and saw the sights

 I love how they are always holding hands

 After Bear Mountain, we went back to the house and since I had off that night, I could hang out and have dinner. I learned how to make and then helped roll a ton of LUMPIA. I could eat it all the time. And there is this vinegar garlic sauce that I WILL be making to eat on everything! mmmmm

 The last day had very few pictures. I had to go to work and they said goodbye in the parking lot of my job. Seeing Maris and Naomi hold hands and keep hugging the whole time made me tear up. I hated to see them go sperate ways until who knows when. Florida isnt particularly close. It was a grreat visit.

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