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Monday, July 2, 2012

Mommatime and a Busy Busy Week

 I have had a few adults only functions these past two weeks! First we went rafting for a day without the kids and then this weekend we went to an adults only luau.
Rafting was excellent - even though I got such bad sunburn that I was sun poisoned! I am finally starting to peel! I had blisters on my back and shoulders. It is a funny thing reading about it and learning that it is an allergic reaction to the sun... I have always gotten those little white blisters on my shoulders when I am in the sun for a while, and I usually just ignore them... this time they were ALL over and they hurt and itched. So glad thats done with! The day was still great... relaxing and drinking with friends, swimming in the river, catching up, making more plans... not worrying about the momma side. The kids were in great hands - with my Mom for both events. Being happily spoiled I might add! They went to see a movie, went out to lunch, a trip to TRU... lots of fun at her house as well.

 My friend who hosted the luau has twin girls that are BFFS with M and they were very concerned with adults playing on their swingset while they were at their Grandmother's house... so we made sure we had a picture of us on it :) They saw it was us and then laughed.

 It was great to relax again after another hectic week of constant running. I got to the party at 5pm and we stayed up drinking and talking in the gazebo until 230am! Great food, great people, great tunes... great party. I also have a new fave drink to add to the list! ginger ale and Jameson. mmm

oh, and I walked home (a few houses down) at 230am and started 2 crock pots for the next day's family party I was hosting....that will be the next post! VERY hectic week I just had. recap of rafting on sunday, then a "Smart Cookie" school end celebration with Mom friends (I made sugar cookies - apples and school buses)...
cleaning the house and yard, getting a menu and grocery shopping, finding a gift for my niece, our weekly bowling, and the luau this Saturday... oh and I worked 5 nights. I could get used to this weekends off thing... even though I know it wont last forever :) This upcoming week is full as well - but not as bad! We have the out of town family visiting so lots of time will be spent with them... 4th of July - fireworks!, water fun, probably fitting in weekly bowling, Bronx Zoo on Friday!, My niece Naomi's birthday party is this coming Saturday... Hello Kitty party# 1 where I will debut the finalized photo booth backdrop. Well, Happy week of the 4th everyone.

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  1. I'm exhausted just reading all of that!!! LOL!!!