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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back from Brooklyn

Back from my city adventure. We had a low key time... not really what I was expecting but it was fun! We ended up getting a bottle of gin and staying in the first night and playing pool and poker with his friend Tim. I like playing pool! I happen to be queen of lucky shots :) :) We walked the Brooklyn Bridge since I have never done that in my life as a "new yorker"... Brooklyn is beautiful. We ate some great food, walked around, saw a street performance... typical NYC stuff... fun and I got pictures!

so if you look closely at the picture above, there are personalized padlocks attached to the bridge by random people... I was so intrigued by this! The next time I go, I am going to bring one to add. Something about being part of the bridge is so cool :) A nice damage free way to leave your mark somewhere. I'm into it!river view from the Beacon train station with the tracks along the bottom. I stayed there and looked at the river for a while before heading home. I feel at home near water... very calming

November 4 - I am thankful for a supportive unit of friends and family and the large supply of willing babysitters for my kids :)
November 5 - I am thankful for the beautiful fall weather and melted snow
November 6 - I am thankful for Jimmy for taking the kids outside and off my hands so I can clean/blog this afternoon :)

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