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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Friendly Friends :)

I had a great birthday - felt very loved. I ended up with 97 notifications for facebook about birthday comments, plus calls and messages and emails. My uncle carried on my tradition of calling with the Beatles Birthday song, my stepdad called me which was surprising in itself, and my Dad called me! (I haven't heard from him in months - in my stubborn nature I was waiting for him to call me since its usually ALWAYS the other way around...) A few friends got me gifts... I got a fantastic camera necklace, a tie dye shirt, cupcakes, a bunch of balloons **a Garfield one - I LOoVVE Garfield!**, the Frasier Dvds I was lacking from my collection *yaaayy* <3... my Mom got me new work shoes... I was in desperate need of new ones and they are so comfy! and I also enjoyed a bar/diner night last night with my Friendly's friends. I've said it before, but I never expected to make such great friends at work like I did.

On the home front I was lacking a bit in the celebration... I got a "Happy Birthday" and that's it, but his family is kind of like that with birthdays. I was a bit surprised I didn't even get a card... but its really not that big a deal. Kinda sad he didn't have the kids make me one though! I do that for him!!! We are throwing my traditional "beer and boardgames" night on Saturday with some of our friends so we will see. I am pumped to flex my brain and utilize my useless knowledge to kick some board game butt! I am thinking of what cake to make myself... :) even though my friend Krums has made me one for the past few years... maybe I will make something different this time.
Well there I go rambling again! I am watching my Frasier gift with a smile while I work up the ... gusto to get out and get myself a bagel! The kids requested donuts too. Better get myself in gear!

somewhat random side note: this man makes my heart flutter :) I love watching Frasier - never get sick of it! His acting and comedic timing are just exquisite <3

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