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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday's Random Ramble

nice...or naughty... haha. just playing around with photoshop one night...

We have our tree up already but not decorated. We opted for a fake tree this year - easier upkeep :) It is not decorated yet, probably this weekend we will get some ornaments on it. It is assembled and pre lit and looks so pretty plain. I like coming home to see it shining in the window :) We are getting in the Christmas spirit here.. basically done with shopping. Today shall be spent weeding through toys and clothes and passing old ones along to make room for new. I need to go through my clothes as well... finally let go of my old banker clothes... I kept them all in case I go back. aaand I will eventually. buut I will get new ones when that time comes. by that time, they wont fit and some are outdated anyways. pardon the horrid grammar... it is hard to have a coherent thought with 2 toddlers awake and on full speed this morning. Not doing too shabby... its not even 10am and I have dinner in the crock pot, one kid dressed (the other one is a battle), a load of laundry started, the living room picked up, kitchen halfway cleaned.... and one blog post written :)

this picture makes me laugh :)

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  1. Love that pic at the top! Great Christmas card! Merry Christmas to you guys!