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Friday, November 4, 2011

Citybound :)

This afternoon I will be boarding a train to take me to...
NYC! Where I will meet up with...this guy! To clarify, one of my closest friends moved to the big city a while ago and I never get to see him. The city beats California though! (he was there for a while too)
Geoff and I have been the best of friends since 1999... and yes Prince's song just played in my head :) We always do creative fun stuff when we get together so I'm excited to see what we end up doing this weekend.

I am seriously looking forward to some real down time. Between the kids and work, I am burnt out... especially with them being sick this week. I haven't slept for more then an hour straight for about a week now without one of them waking me up for something or coming to lay on me at night. I am not one to have the kids sleep in bedwith me *I'm too neurotic*** thinking I will roll on them. always have been... so the fact that they crawled into bed with me tells me they mean business with not feeling good since they have no habits of coming to sleep with us.
I am going to eat some good food, see some sights, check out Geoff's place and life now... relax and actually SLEEP! The kids are happy to be with Daddy and then at Gramma's and they are feeling better so I'm good to go. Jim is a little upset about me going without him... but I asked him WEEEKS ago and he said he didnt care if I went and that he doesn't care to go bc the city is stupid... I know we never see each other but if I wait for him to make family time on his own... it would never happen. I have been trying for months to get him to take a day to go to the kids museum again or apple picking *too late in the season now...* but you get what I mean... It was like pulling teeth to get out for our anniversary and the only reason we ultimately DID go out was bc my Mom and Stepdad got us a certificate and took the kids for us. I have little time with him but I have even less time to myself... My birthday is this week and I wanted to go do something for me. I am going to sit in the park and take photographs and clear my head of all the stress and fatigue I have been feeling. and I will be back tomorrow night :)


  1. Hope you have an amazing, relaxing time!!

  2. Have a great trip! Hope the mini-vacation is just what the doctor ordered. :)