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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap..

Lets start with this. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Whats not to like?! Day off of work, parade, food, drinks, family, fun, and football. *if you are into that sort of thing* plus it kicks off the holiday season. I have enjoyed it since childhood. It is all about family and togetherness and reminding everyone of what they are/should be thankful for. It is like Christmas without the consumerism....(not very true... BLACK FRIDAY... but its not about presents I mean) It has always meant that I get to see many different parts of my family since we travel and eat at least 2 Thanksgivings each time... this year was 2 bc we only had my Moms and then inlaws to go to. Years previous we had my Dad's as well but he lives in VA now. I am not a fan of how Thanksgiving is being pushed out! In the stores, the Christmas stuff took a front seat to all the fall decor and it wasnt even the middle of November yet. The only upside to that was I got some cute Thanksgiving turkey crafts for the kids before Thanksgiving at 60 percent off. Like I said: it kicks off the holiday season, but now it seems to be taken over by the rest of the holiday season. We had a nice laid back Thanksgiving(s). First, my Mom's around noon for lunchgiving then onto his Mom's for dinner. We ate like kings... so full! and we discovered that the kids LOVE "red stuff" (cranberry sauce)

the kids helping me plan my black friday attack! My future bro in law Josh and I took on the stores at 8pm and stayed out until around 245am. I scored a big haul from Toys R Us. Had two coupons that they let me use on top of my sisters employee discount and black friday sales. I got $180 worth of stuff for $56 :) It filled my backseat and completed my shopping for the kids in one shot. My backseat was stuffed full haha

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