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Monday, November 14, 2011

Booze & Boardgames

so every year for the past... 7 years or so my friends have been coming over for a "booze and boardgames" night. We are dorks and enjoy boardgames! This year we played Apples to Apples and Battle of the Sexes instead of Scattergories and Cranium. Early on we played some wii before the kids went to bed. Maris was soo pissed she had to leave the party. Just about everyone brought me booze as gifts :) I got SoCo Eggnog and salt and vinegar chips... some African elephant liquor... I get a bottle of Malibu every year from one friend... and a crazy gag gift from Jim's best friend. Last year it was the infamous BFF teeshirt (most of you have seen it via FB) WELL... this year he gave me a big vacuum box stuffed with plastic shopping bags that he had saved for a year. I mean stuffed. And every year I retaliate and my plan is to make a garment or something obnxoious to recycle and regift the thousands of bags back to him haha ITS ON!!! one eyar he gave me a half eaten box of cereal with a shirt hidden underneath the bag of cereal... one year I got a turkey baster... he is a weirdo haha.

my rocker babies! Maris actually tries to sing the Beatles songs... Jackson doesn't understand the game, just likes hitting the drums. They love music!

some of my booze-y gifts :) *a quick chek slushie spiked with rum too!*

my birthday flan (I wrecked it by trying to put a candle in it... lol)

the candle didnt work out so Christie held a lighter :)

the yellow shirt is one of my gift retaliations to Kevin. His own BFF shirt> he wears it all the time! hehe
I have some fun and fantastic friends.

November 12 - I am thankful for having a job that I have fun at and enjoy... I am fortunate enough to work with many people I consider friends in life now. *I know I complain about the place... it does drive me batty and they do screw me sometimes... but it is still a steady and fun job*

November 13 - I am thankful for Quick Chek coffee. It is so good! and I needed it after my party!

November 14 - I am thankful (again) for my friends. There are people that I cannot imagine living without and I am fortunate enough to call them my friends *family too!*

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