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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas in NYC

I went on the annual Christmas time in NY trip with my Mom, Sister and her fiancee Josh the other day... it was great to have a day off from Mommydom (in some ways... all I did was get them stuff and talk about them haha) but I got to relax and eat food for myself and actually hold an adult conversation without constant interruptions... and it was great. We ate at my fave restaurant *Heartland Brewery - HB Burger* and saw the sights - rode the subway to Strawberry Fields and the Dakota and hung out at Bryant Park... took some pictures and we were all exhausted. I got the special present for the gold wrapping I mentioned in an earlier post. Maris thinks Santa will be bringing her a gold package with a very special present in it - I bought a small box... but ended up buying her a Disney special edition doll in the city. The plan is now to take a photo and make a little map to where it is hidden within the house. a Santa scavenger hunt! Christmas is almost here and I am almost ready. I have everyhting basically done, just a last few projects and tweaks on the homemade gifts... everyhting is purchased and mostly wrapped. The next few days willl be baking cookies and more organizing (and weeding out of the old) in the house.

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