Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Recital and other Christmas-Type Fun

I have been on a cookie making craze lately... I made eggnog cookies with an eggnog glaze and also some sugar cookies, heath cookies, peppermint cookies, and candy cane cookies. I was wishing Maris had her apron I made her for Christmas since she was covered in flour! haha
Today we had Maris' school party and recital. It was a Wizard of Oz theme (no idea why lol) and they were munchkins. Absolutely adorable. they sang "its the most wonderful time of the year" and did a jump move at the end. All the kids were soo pumped to do that jump... it was incredibly cute. All of the teachers made a gift for all the kids and it was an apron and chef hat. I swear my heart sank when I saw it. (She really really wants that, but I handmade her one for Christmas!!! Its pictures in previous posts.) You can see in the picture how crazy happy she was with it.I got over it... but it was a shock! I am amazed with all the little gifts the girl got from her teachers and friends! The bottom picture is of her basket with all the stuff!

Here's a funny side story : So.. Maris has her gold box that will make her believe in Santa., We are pumped to give it to her. Now last nght Jim asked Goober what he wanted Santa to bring him and he immediately (and straight faced) declared that Santa will bring him a green Nutcracker. Not cars, Jackson? No. A green nutcracker. SO.. being the awesome parents we are, we went and found him a little green nutcracker today after the recital :) Jim distracted eagle eye Maris so that she would think it was from Santa as well. I am truly having a great time with all the christmas spirit my kids are having and really getting into it all. They really cannot wait to give their gifts to everyone and have made billions of cards and love singing Christmas songs. Maris has a countdown going.. how many sleeps til Christmas Mommy?? 2 sleeps. Its on! :)

a good day :)

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