Saturday, December 24, 2011

First Christmases...

I got thinking about first Christmases this morning and how usually when you hear "first Christmas" it is a joyous thing. a baby's first Christmas, a first Christmas in a new house... or as a married couple... but there are also some sad ones... like a first Christmas without a loved one. This year will be my family's first Christmas without my Grandmothers, both Mary and Violet. My Aunt sent us a Christmas card with a poem called First Christmas In Heaven. It actually was a great comfort. I hope everyone in my family can still have a happy holiday and look back with happiness and loving memories instead of dwelling in grief.
As excited as we all are for Christmas Eve, I also have my Grandmothers on my mind today... As this is the first Christmas without both of them as we lost them this year within a few months of each other. I just wanted to take a moment to think of them and hope wherever they are, they are smiling down on us. Both were beautiful loving women who are deeply missed everyday. Merry Christmas Grandma and Nana. I love you. and also to my Grandpa. He has been gone several years now, but he was the greatest person I've ever met and I still miss him immensely. The world was a brighter place with all three of you in it, but your love and memory lives on. Merry Christmas

My Nana, Mary. She always had everyone in her prayers and loved her family so much.
My Grandma, Violet. Maris' namesake (middle name) beautiful woman who was always smiling and loved her family.


  1. That was such a beautiful blog post! You got me all teary-eyed now while reading it :-) Our loved ones who are gone are always with us in spirit and they are who helped mold us into who we are as adults :-) They never leave our hearts ♥ Merry Christmas to you, Jim, Maris, and Jackson!!!

  2. Miss Mouse, you made my day and also made me cry. I miss your grandparents so much. I love the pictures. Its our 1st christmas without her too.Aunt Sherry