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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ornaments and a Zebra

This weekend was my friend's annual ornament exchange party and I took my Mom along this year. I love that party... what a cute idea. The kids ate sooo much there! We had a day of visiting dance schools for Maris planned and the party fell on the same day... it worked out well. Maris cannot wait to start learning to dance (even though its not my favorite thing... she really wants it so more power to her :)) My mom was a dancer so she is so excited that Maris may be one as well bc I certainly was not.. lol
In our day, my Mom took us past the farm in our hometown that cares for retired show animals from circus shows and other entertainment involved animals. I forget what its called but she used to drive past it with us when my sister and I were little and we would see buffalo and zebras and lions and camels... this day, the kiddos got to see a zebra 10 mins from where they live :) and camels and tons of horses and donkeys.

she loves olives

Goob loves cookies lol

my ornaments ffrom the exchange!

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