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Monday, December 12, 2011

Real.. or a Costume?

so.. I am LOVING how the kids are super into Santa this year. They loveLink going to see the various Santas this year and are VERY into the naughty and nice list. My Mother In Law sent the kids personalized videos from the north pole from this site. It says your kids name and what they want and Santa informs them personally that they are on the good or bad list. Jackson was fascinated with his and watched it over and over and over. Maris' said that she had a special surprise coming and the picture in the video was of a gold package and of course she talks about it and says Santa is bringing her a special gold present in gold wrapping. She is expecting this gift.... not in a bratty way, just an excited that Santa showed her a gift early kind of way... she keeps talking about it and saying how she wonders whats in the special gold box. SO... this Momma decided that it was imperative to acquire a gold box for a special gift so that she believes :) I actually found a cute one with a shiny gold ribbon at the dollar store while she was in school. Score! I am so excited to see her face when she finds her special gold box under the tree! I was a little concerned with her believing since my husband informed me that one night they were driving past Christmas lights and she said "Daddy, is Santa real or is he a costume?" He said his heart skipped because he didn't know what to say... just asked her what she thought. Maris replied "We saw 3 different Santas". Jim said "well how do you think you get presents on Christmas?" she got quiet and just said "ok, he is real" and starting singing. haha She is a smart little cookie. She has since asked me similar questions about the different Santas and I just tell her that he need helpers to sit at stores to take pictures because he is so busy. They genuinely believe the north pole vids were from the real guy. It is so fun to see their faces light up.

Last night we took a drive over to the arboretum in OC Park. The kids aren't feeling well and it was super cold... but we promised them we'd go. They LOVED it. It was CRAZY freezing out and you have to walk it at night but inside they had hot chocolate and cookies to warm up with and Maris was over the moon. Poor Jackers has quite the nasty cold so he stayed in the stroller most of the time, but he really loved the lights. Any time we are in the car, he yells "Christmas out my window!" at every lit up house. It is adorable. I think Goob has a fave holiday!

Maris was chanting "USA USA" lol


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