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Thursday, June 28, 2012

It Was 10 Years Ago Today

It was 10 years ago today that I graduated from high school. I remember it being a bittersweet experience... I really did love school & wanted to stay. As an incredibly awkward/shy person, I really enjoyed the aspect of the forced social environment. It forced me to interact with people and as much as I hated being forced into it at times, it WAS good for me. I swear if I could have kicked this crippling shyness I had, I'd have more friends from that time in my life today. and not social networking type "I added you bc I knew you in hs" type acquaintances... but actual friends. All of my closest friends throughout school were strong personalities to counteract my quiet nature. It worked. yin to my yang... Jay to my Silent Bob if you will. I took every extra class that I could and had 12 art credits under my belt... I took sociology/psychology, photography... they made me have one study hall and a lunch or I'd have taken more classes. Early dismissal?? No way. I was also in VoTech vocational school for advertising design and computer graphics and excelled in that. School was for me. How ironic that I HATED college... hmm
The reunion is being planned for this fall the last I heard... I will most definitely go and even more definitely be all ridiculous and shy STILL. This may be all a bit ramble-y but it is just an observation... 10 years and I am still asked what grade I am in on occasion and still get ID-ed for lotto tickets and movies :)

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