Friday, May 11, 2012

Fantastic Friday

 The weather FINALLY has turned for the better! We ran our Friday errands in the morning, had lunch at Panera, then tried a short lived shopping attempt for myself to get some clothes.... ended up finding a Beatles shirt I don't own and got it for 7 bucks... they started getting restless and I gave up.. then we stopped by toys r us to use up the last gift card. He decided on a hot wheels track builder set. We hooked it up outside and they loved it!

While outside, we encountered a little green worm in the kitchen playset. The kids named him Inchie and relentlessly shoved leaves at him and made him a plate of greens to eat :) I finally got them to come inside so I can make dinner before I have to leave for work. They are working on Mother's Day cards... I'm excited for that day! We are having our traditional brunch at one of my favorite places... Mt Haven. Then going to take my MIL out for lunch. Lots of food will be eaten that day... haha PLUS I have to work that night... super bummer but my day will be good. All errands run, dinner started, kids happy...What a lovely Friday!

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