Tuesday, May 8, 2012

quick sum up of last week

all sides of our family pooled together and got the kids this swing set for Jackson's birthday. It took Jim a couple days to build it basically by himself but it was worth it. They are over the moon about it. OF COURSE it is to rain all week or I'd have a debut play date like I was planning! Maybe next week.

 other small happenings... The kids roller skated for the first time last week. I scored 2 pairs of the fisher price snap on kind at our consignment shop with my store credit for 4 bucks each. Not too bad. I have money just sitting there waiting for something I want to buy (I never find much clothes-wise for the kids) so its nice when I see something worth getting. Jackson was surprisingly great on them. A roller fanatic like his momma maybe? :)
 cupcakes my Mom asked me to make for my stepdad Bobby. Chocolate cake with peanut butter creme filling and  vanilla buttercream icing. I am on this creative baking kick and love it.
ballerina fun while Jackson and I enjoyed some farm fresh chocolate milk & snickerdoodles from the ice cream/dessert place next door.

there were other happenings *like Maris graduating preschool!* but thats for another post :)

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