Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We're Not In Preschool Anymore!

our sweet Maris  graduated preschool this week! Onto kindergarten in the fall! *deep breath!*

 her grandparents got her a few gifts... a sweet book and also a notebook (she loves writing - constantly "how do you spell this or that...")
 I took her outside to snap a few pics of her in her ensemble before the cap and gown. She's a ham!

Maris and her 3 BFFS with their matching Dorothy shoes.

 The school unfortunately has a rule prohibiting children under 4 to attend the festivities held there due to a previous year... someone didnt watch their kid and he destroyed the decorations before the kids got to perform... so now they are banned. It stinks that everyone suffers bc of a lazy parent but I do understand. A lot of work goes into the productions as you can see from the photos... Id be pissed if I did all that work... but Goober is good. He may throw a fit here and there annoyingly but he would never ruin decorations... He got to stay home with Grandpa and his uncles and had a great time :) Plus we all came back and had yellow brick road cake and some lunch food.

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