Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello May

 It is already May and Maris is out of school until fall when she starts KINDERGARTEN. It has been a week since preschool ended and we are already searching for ways to fill our days. We have had soo much rain lately that playing on the new swing set has been difficult, but yesterday the rain dried up and it was hot out. Kids Bowl Free starts today so we have a summer of bowling ahead of us as well. Time to start ticking things of the summer bucket list!

Maris and Jackson posing for a picture, Maris spotting a bee, and Maris protecting her brother from said bee :)

We went for a walk and I took some pics *surprised?*

                     Maris being BOSSY


  1. Excellent photos as always!!! The barn works as an amazing background for the photos! I know many of us have said this to you before, but you REALLY should be doing this (photography) for a living, even if it's only as a part-time "job" :-) You can DEFINITELY do this and be super SUCCESSFUL at it!!! Taking the first "official" step is always the hardest, but will be soooooo worth it in the end :-)

  2. I love the barn as a backdrop too! :) Convenient that its in my driveway haha. Thanks so much for the kind words and boost that I need these days... feeling discouraged again with making that first step... eer leap.