Monday, May 21, 2012

What A Weekend!

What a beautiful weekend! The weather was amazing. I even got to go out and have some "time off" from being the Momma.  Saturday, the kids had an Alice in Wonderland birthday Party to attend and had a blast. Maris even got to play croquet with an inflatable flamingo :) Jackson got to drink cup after cup of decaf tea at the mad tea party... haha (he LOVES tea, so I really have to get him this decaf tea powder stuff my friend found in the store) I won't post too many party pics since it wasn't my party... I don't want to post people's images that aren't willing or anything.

After the party and the kids were ready for bed, I headed over to my sister's house for a little girl's night in kind of thing with her, my cousin Megan, and my sister's fiancee Josh. I say girls night bc it started out as Megan and her husband and Miranda and her fiancee and then just me. It went from me being the 5th wheel to it being more a cousins night. I am so happy that we are getting close again like when we were younger. Some families are spread across the country/world... we are fortunate enough to have them so close by. The family that IS farther away is always missed and I wish travel was easier... but thats another tangent! Josh was amazing... he was making snacks, blending us drinks... we never went without one bc he always saw we were low and went to make more. My sister really has a good guy. They bought the battleship game bc on Pinterest I saw the idea of battleshots. The funny part is, we only set the game up... we kept talking and telling stories and all and never actually got around to playing it! We were up until 5am just talking and laughing until I passed out and Megan went home. When I woke up, Josh was making us breakfast.
I ended up sleeping until 11 on Miranda's couch... left there after eating something and headed home after filling up on "cheap" gas across the state line and getting myself an iced tea (my lifeline). The day was GORGEOUS. Jim had the kids playing outside. M asked if she could do something with just Daddy so he then took her out to run some errands. Goober was NOT happy about seeing them drive off somewhere without him... but quickly calmed down when he realized that he had me to himself. I asked him what he wanted to do and we spent the day doing things he wanted. We took a walk with the wagon and braved the farm road (usually it is avoided bc the farmers drive like MANIACS)... looked for turtles in the drainage ditches... no luck that day... played in the yard and swing set, bug hunted and got a spider and a ladybug, I set up the watertable and we had a waterfight, and he painted a craft... eventually he asked to go inside and play some wii. This momma was ignoring a hangover so it was a welcomed break :) I got a little rest before going into an insane night of work. I am growing an intense hatred of working Sundays... they always leave me by myself to make all the desserts in the entire place... including carryout ice creams... there should be at LEAST 2 people back there... but I feel like a broken record on that subject. That place rewards the incompetent,,, I can function and handle the busy weekends by myself (I just hate to bc it burns me out and it isnt fair) but the workers that suck get the easy shifts and get out of working holidays bc the managers do not feel like dealing with crappy people. I work EVERY weekend unless I request off (and thats always a guilt trip) and the girl that has to work my Saturdays I requested off is all mad that she has to close a weekend night... really?!?! She said its a LOT of work and not fair... but apparently me doing it every day is ok with her. but enough about work...

 we had a great Mommy and Jackson day. No whining tantrums or difficulties until Jim got back home and the kids instantly fought... lol
Now onto another week of fun activities... I have a few ideas!

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