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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


this memorial day weekend, my sister and cousin (and their s/o s) and I went yard sailing... there was a town wide yard sale in the town my father moved to after the divorce... my sister actually saw on a listing on craigslist with his old address and we decided we MUST go check out the state of the house... I miss that house terribly sometimes and it got me all nostalgic about spending some of my adolescence there. Not everyone gets to have more than one "hometown" but I guess that is a rare "perk" if you will of being a child of divorce.... what a weird way to put it... haha all I mean is that when I drive through PB, I get this happy nostalgic feeling and recall memories and that kind of thng. Same with my hometown where my Mom still resides.... still in the same childhood home. I adore that house too. BUT back to my story... we drove up to the old house and I started to get all nervous... like I was tresspassing or something. Even though they were having a yard sale, I really didnt care about their stuff. All I wanted to do was see the house and stand in the yard and let me tell you... just driving down the drive way brought so many memories back... I took pictures at the yard sale like a freak would.... haha 

 that is what it looks like now. The couple was really really nice and said it was a unique house and they loved living in it. My plan was to infiltrate to see the inside again by asking to use their bathroom, but before I could ask, my sister blurted out that we were the original owners of the house and my plan was shot to hell. I was already taking pics like a creeper and now knowing I lived there, I surely couldn't ask then... but we had  nice talk with them and told them funny stories about building the house and what was used as filler under the koi pond gardens.... (you'd be surprised haha) and how my dad built this house for our stepmom... how the gardens were gorgeous... I ended up buying a framed Beatles print picture and Josh bought some walkie talkies and we were on our way. Just seeing our old house was so cool. I really wish I got to see the inside one last time. This was a moving sale so I guess there is always the possibility of a realtors open house to crash! hehe

so I started going through my boxes and boxes of photos and came across a few of the house in the time that we had it. My Dad has since moved to Virginia and it sucks, but they like it down there so I guess it all worked out. Enjoy!

 I used to sit out here and watch and draw and take pics of the koi fish all the time. If you sat on the bridge and stuck your toes in the water, they'd nibble on them :) I know koi tattoos are stereotypical but I really do love these fish. so hypnotic and soothing to watch.
 prom pics... haha

my little nieces Alyssa and Madison. Alyssa fell off the trampoline and broke her arm and still wanted to go back on... tough chickie.
 my Dad put in horseshoe pits :)

 more koi pond shots... check out my Dads 'vette and my old car in the driveway haha

 like I said, lots of time spent sitting out by the ponds.

 my Grandmother on my Dad's side. She passed away last year... look at her smile :)

 we had rabbits. Chole and Ringo. Dad build an outdoor hutch and they tunneled into each others cage and made billions of rabbits! I cant seem to find those pics but they are somewhere!

 If you've been to my Dad's house, you've heard the screech of this bird. The thing I miss the least. Uncle Rob and I used to joke about the ways to get rid of this bird.... Sue loves him so though
 the giant turkey that got so fat it couldnt walk. Most delicious turkey I ever ate actually
 my old room with my buddy Andre

 I love this family shot!
 Dad loves the ponds
 old shot of my sister and I in the kitchen
Dad :)


  1. Loved to see old pics and your hair long!

  2. Great story & pics!

  3. i did not blurt anything out. You were walking around taking pictures and freaking the owners out. We were there for a long time and their yard sale was tiny. We were paying for our stuff and you still didnt say anything and the owner was talking to me... so i told him. Thats not blurting and you were not going to ask him. Put things nicely and truthfully. Dont act like you were actually going to say something to that man, i gave you lots of time to do so.

  4. oooh touchy haha I was going to! I ran back to my car to get my money since I wanted to buy that Beatles print and I'm a chicken shit so it took me some time to gather courage