Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 so Far...

First off... a somewhat subtle change... New year - New hair :) cut a bunch off and lightened the color a bit. it is shorter in the back.

So far 2012 has been pretty great... with one sad event to get through with my Aunt Lyn... but we are remaining positive and moving forward. We kicked off the New Year with a birthday brunch at my Mom's for Miranda. New Years morning, the kids broke in their new aprons helping me make the banana split cake *delicious!!* that I was really excited to make for my sister. They had a blast crushing the graham crackers for the crust.

We packed up and headed over to Mom's for brunch. We had Belgian Waffles and Mom made an apple cinnamon topping and we had syrup, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, cherries... the works. PLUS Mom made this delicious sausage crumble and breakfast potato mixture with cheese that was soooo good. We had mimosas too!
can you tell we like the Muppets? haha

this is the banana split cake. It is pretty easy and no bake. My friend shared her recipe and wow. It is good!
Everyone is tablet crazed lately. I wish I had one!!! Jackson and Jimmy got addicted to Angry Birds all morning :)

Happy Birthday Aunt Miranda!

The 2nd day of the year, Jim didn't have to work so we set up the storage shed we got for Christmas. He was cranky and it was cold... the kids had to be outside for it... I lack the pictures bc I was making sure I helped and that it didn't get smashed by that hot head hubs of mine... I took a quick one with my cell but it isnt on the computer. Once we fill it up and set it up I will post a photo. It looks great and really cleans up the yard. All the kids outdoor toys won't have to sit under a tarp in the snow this year! Movin on up! haha. Then, later in the day, Maris started her first class of ballet! She wasn't even a tiny bit nervous... jumped right in and talked to the girls and teacher. The pic is of her showing off her new outfit and accessories for dance class... and then the pic with the mat was snapped in true Mommarazzi style. They told me to come back at the end to watch - meaning I had to leave... - and as I was walking out, I leaned over and snapped the shot of her getting her mat... haha she even posed for it!

I am looking forward to getting back into our routine this week. After 2 weeks of no preschool, things are slacking a bit. I want our schedule back! I have been major to do listing to kick off the new year... Today is grocery shopping and general errands. Tonight is the wake for my Aunt. Jim is staying home with the kids and I will go with my Mom.

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